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Doctor Who

Mr Rabbit

Recommended Posts

Just saw it, it feels way more like classic Who, right from the intro. It's going to take me a while to get used to a more distant, cold Doctor since the last 3. But so far he's very similar to the first Doctors.

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I thought Capaldi was great once the episode got going. I'm not really a fan of Vastra and the Victorian London gang. I thought we'd see the last of them when Smith left.


Overall, I liked Capaldi in his first episode faster than Smith in his first.

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Capaldi was good but I never had any doubt he would be. The theme music was a lot better than it has been in a while. In some ways it does feel more old school but otherwise I didn't find the episode that engaging. Definitely an improvement though. I could never get into the the Matt Smith era episodes and only watched the occasional one.


I always end up dropping in and out of Doctor Who but I reckon I'll try and follow this series again.

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Just saw it, it feels way more like classic Who, right from the intro. It's going to take me a while to get used to a more distant, cold Doctor since the last 3. But so far he's very similar to the first Doctors.

he reminds me of a less wacky eccleston, Eccleston came in to bring in the kids to Dr Who that was his job, this caladi seems like a more serious Eccleston mixed in with Tennant (apologising to the dinosaur like Tennant used to and also the insnane quickfire rambling) So for me Capaldi has the makings to be my favourite doctor, we will see eh. He is still wacky though, seems perfect for now. Daleks next week :D

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Concerning "Into the Dalek"



I didn't enjoy the Daleks this time around, infact they didn't even seem to be the main enemy. The good Dalek thing sounds good on paper, but is executed poorly. Overall meh episode 5/10.



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I am getting a good feeling about Missy, I think she has a tardis, picking up those who died for the doctor willingly, I wonder if there are some older characters there too that did similar, maybe she is a future doctor "righting past wrongs" I have heard a few Rani theories too, or female master, looking forward to finding out.

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The new episode was okay. I'm looking forward to next week. That looks like a classic Doctor Who story.

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  • 2 weeks later...

That episode had the most interesting opening I have seen in a long time but it kinda became something wholly differemt, not what I expected, i was disappointed at first because I was looking forward to another vashta nerada like enemy but this was good too. The brief stopover at a certain barn left me speechless, literally speechless. Hope we find out what was under the bedsheet at some point in the future, or past, or present... timey wimey wibbly wobbly

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I think finding out what was under the blanket defeats the purpose of it's existence.


I liked the Robin Hood episode. I was kind of hoping he'd join the Doctor and Clara as a companion. Robin and the Doctor had a vibe like Jamie McCrimmon and The 2nd Doctor (Troughton, my favorite). It's been far too long since they've had an interesting companion like that. Captain Jack was maybe the most out there companion of the current run.

Edited by darthYENIK
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Moffat f*cked up with the most recent episode, completely f*cking ruined the whole initial appeal of the episode, horror is usually something he does so well yet here he appears to have fallen flat on his face.


My hatred of Clara Oswald is growing every day.

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Regardless, the Doctor as a kid part was extremely annoying and utterly pointless, it felt like an entirely unnecessary tangent that never needed to happen.

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Upon watching all the episodes in this season again, I got to say this one is my favorite of the season so far. Yeah, it's doesn't really advance the overall plot of the Doctor's personal timeline or what's going on with Clara and Danny, but it was fun to watch and I really like the idea of a "time heist". Kind of hope they do it again in the future but maybe with different dynamics. The Doctor saved everyone in the end and it was fun to watch.

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I didn't believe that a series of Dr Who could be so... Meh.


In all seriousness the only interesting part about it whatsoever is the overarching afterlife plot-line, aside from that this feels like another throwaway episode, Moffat seems to love doing that, seems as though all the Doctor's best moments are happening off screen, something that I dislike, immensely.

Edited by Secura
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I definitely liked Listen and Time Heist. When Clara saw Doctor as a kid, it made sense because there was always a "force" or per se that was pretty much helping him through his whole life, and this is because of the episode in the last series where she enters the Doctors time stream, so it fully makes sense what happened here. And Time Heist was simply fantastic. I liked the concept where they forget that they made a deal in the first place to rob a bank, but clearly they were sent here on purpose. Very good concepts by Moffat. The only episode that I didn't fully watch is the Robin Hood one, it was uninteresting.


Gonna watch the Caretaker right now on BBC iPlayer.


Edit: Just finished watching the Caretaker and it was a fantastic episode once again. Peter is such a good Doctor and just slightly takes the first place as my favourite Doctor now, with David Tennant in 2nd place and Smith in 3rd.

Edited by FranklinDeRoosevelt
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  • 1 month later...

Was a good twist. I seem to remember Moffet or someone, recently tip toeing around the question of whether the Doctor could regen into a woman. Maybe now we can guess the answer.

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Well, that was the best episode of the series in my opinion, Spoilers for the last episode here



That Scene with Brigadier Leftbridge Stewart as a cyberman was the most heart-warming moment of Doctor Who yet, as a brilliant tribute to his deceased actor. It sounds stupid but i'm glad Clara is gone, she was what made the series go downhill for most of the episodes and to top it off Nick Frost as Santa Claus? Well it's in his surname...



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I guess. Seemed a bit final.


Bit disappointing, I quite liked her. She was quite menacing in a fun way, particularly when she

killed that hipster scientist.


Edited by Waldie
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