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Logo Request

Retired Mafia

Recommended Posts

Retired Mafia

Hi there.


I'm hoping that somebody could help me by making a logo.


I'm looking to just have VS as a logo, but in the font style of the ballas emblem. (Picture of the ballas logo will be below in a spoiler). Preferable the V and the S close to each other :)


The info for the logo:

Size: 512x512

Colors: Orange and black

-a black outline and orange inside

other:if you have any creativity that you think would make this logo better, feel free to :)


Ballas logo (font example):






Would be appreciated by me and my friends if somebody could get this done.

If I forgot anything let me know.

Edited by Retired Mafia
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Hi did you get sumone to help you . If can you pass them on to me having trouble making one my self .

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Retired Mafia

thanks guys! these look absolutely awesome!! we appreciate it a lot :D

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  • 2 weeks later...
Retired Mafia

those are incredibly awesome!! thanks for the work :) thanks everybody!

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  • 1 month later...

i've got a bit of a smaller request this time. i'm loving the logos made by CCDP, i'm hoping someone can add a banner to the bottom of this logo:



looking to get this made for event posters,

i would like the banner to say "Van Society Meetups"

the banner preferably in black and orange.

there's no specific fond i've got in mind, every sort of banner is okay but here's some images of banners i like the look of as inspiration:






(not the weird things going upwards above the banner)




hopefully somebody can do this :)

Edited by Retired Mafia
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That looks absolutely awesome Funky.


Would it be possible to move to banner a big upwards so it overlaps the bottom of the VS logo a bit?

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