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Gypsy Joker MC [XBOX-ONE]


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The Gypsy Joker MC is looking for people interested in joining an MC.


The President of the Club is an actual patched member. Therefore, unlike any of the other MC's we are a legitimate club. Don't hesitate to join! Apart from it all If you are looking for a brotherhood look no further! we do Club meetings weekly to make sure we keep up to par with members and help out with anything they need like money or training,as well as address all issues within club and other things you will find out when you join.we are chill, kick back, we ride daily and always lookout for each other. Our goals for this club is to expand and grow, to share the knowledge of being in an MC, as well as to Educate our members and improve on skill,shooting,riding bikes,formation, and ranks and discipline within the club and respect for each other.



Within this MC we have ranks and positons each member isnt just a regular member but they each play a role in helping our MC grow and become a better and stronger place to be in witihn GTA 5 online, as a Member,you have various opportunities to Move up in rank, From Road Captain to Treasury and even Maybe Secretary..Even if all Ranks are filled, every member will have a job to do and a Daily Mission or Task to complete, Dont Worry Just Because there is a spot filled doesnt mean you cant be promoted yes you can! With Hiests now available in gta online We help our members who cannot afford bikes or clothes achieve there goals to buy whatever they want. We make sure all our members Have there bikes tuned up and fixed so they can all keep up when do our daily Rides throuh out Los Santos/San Andreas. Dont worry if you do not know how to ride Formation We Have members who will teach you the ways and system of how it works. NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND !!



What we are looking for:


  • Loyalty


Have a mic




Those who work hard to get high in the ranks






Somebody looking for a place to call home



We have 2 Chapters



(18+)Gypsy Joker MC San Andreas


Message: DEEBOY661 on XBL


Message: OregonJoker3301 on XBL



Gypsy Joker MC Los Santos


Message: Doc Roselli on XBL




GYPSY JOKER MC-Live Joker Die Joker!


For more Information please message me, or get at me Directly through XBL DEEBOY661, Also SC DEEBOY661. Thank you for your time. and we hope to see you soon brother!


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Are u down to wipe out some crips tonight? I need ur help warring with Harlem 30 crip. Are u down?

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