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what was your funniest gta 5 cop story?


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today i was playing as trevor and i did a couple of bounties for maude and i was driving a greasley around paleto bay and i had a cop chase another npc, so i decided to help the cop stop the npc.

i stopped the npc and he started shooting at the cops then he started shooting at me, but he got ran over by a speeding big rig!

it left me laughing and the cops didn't try to kill me! :lol::lol:

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Driving during a 5-star on the highway, heading up to Sandy Shores airport on the highway from Los Santos.

A helicopter pops in from the west and is flanking. As it approaches, it's just about over my vehicle but a little ahead and starts to bank to move in my direction.

It turns right into an overhead green highway sign and blows up and I narrowly escape the falling fuselage. It does however put a sizable gap between me and the police pursuers in the cars that were behind me.

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probably this one :p





but i like this one too :p got must have wanted another dick head



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i watched a cop shoot a dog once...




"son of a bitch"


lol literally :p

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