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Rebuilding Archive >2GB


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Is there any tool left that allows you to rebuild archives bigger than 2gb?


IMG Manager doesn't run on, tried to get it to work for about an hour, looked into the topic, tried ZAZ's fix, it didn't work, tried 2.0, didn't work.


IMG Tool and Alci's IMG Editor both can't rebuild the larger gta3.img.


Anyone got an idea?



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i got idea, modloader makes safe replaces without touching game itself, i got all cars replaced in hd for test and it was well over 2gb if i calculate what it would be in game file, another good thing is that you can replace bad mod in mid game, if testing gives bad results, i went to the download page and took next and better model, replaced it in modloader folder and i could be even driving the modded vehicle, i saw the effect right away! :)

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If I were you, I'd make separate IMGs. It's a lot easier ;)

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I usually take parts from mods, so I don't think modloader will help with that, but if it has a rebuild function then I can give it a try.

What do you mean?
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