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Legacies Redemption (LMOB)


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Legacies Redemption (Legacy Crime Family) was founded in 2013. We were formerly featured on the R* Crew Noticeboard as Legacy Crime Family. We later shut down, but now were back and stronger than ever. We give all crews respect unless we are disrespected. We like to try to stay as a respective, mature, and a powerful crew. LMOB's higher ups has been together for a year now, we have grown into a great Brother-Hood. Some of us has been in the MC community and other communities. Overall LMOB has been raised on having a great Brother-Hood, and making sure all members can have a good time doing what they like in GTAV Online. LMOB is ran by a Council of 5 for each console. That way all decisions are fair, and equal. It also gives more opportunities for members to earn up in the ranks.

Currently LMOB is only recruiting for XB1 and PS4 with hopes to expand to the rest of the consoles including 360, and PS3. You can find LMOB on Facebook, and Twitter! Communicate with us on there, or KiK Messenger. As a crew we feel using KiK Messenger is better for outside the game communication. **It is NOT required unless you are applying for a high up position.** Our website will be posted at the bottom of this message.

"Loss of Loyalty, is Loss of Life." - LMOB Originals

Founder/Leader: Don-Legacy

LMOB's Website: http://lmob-original.weebly

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