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GTA V Arduino xSerial


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GTA V Arduino xSerial




This is a connector for arduino, Uses Serial Port: COM11

The main purpose of this project is to interact with the game through arduino using serial port communitation in the real world using your embedded hardware controllers. This is the first version and i'm sure there will be request for other types of commands.


The commands that are available right now are:



Serial.println("UISubtitle,Displays a message in game,1000");


Available Vehicles/Peds: http://pastebin.com/aSVUdykG


All of the above commands return data to the microcontroller
however i've not setup anything to catch this information in the .ino I'm hoping the community will pull together to make this better. Raycast will return a bunch of details of the hit entity such as the result, handle, hit-coords,hashcode.


Please feel free to comment, request updates for particular functions ect ect.
This will be a long project and so i'm releasing it at its current state so that you may mess around with it and request updates to what data you want to send/receive from the scripthook.


Version 1.0
Updates will come on requests.


Please donate, It helps me forget about life to provide you guys great software.

Download this on gta5-mods.com

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Definitely interesting! If not for GTA, this would be nice for other interaction.

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Definitely interesting! If not for GTA, this would be nice for other interaction.

Tell me what you guys want and i'll program it into the dll. Think of any function you need to be sent to the game or retreived on the arduino and i'll sort it out for you

This will turn into a massive serial data project.

Edited by Enumerator
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