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Vans123's Modern Wardrobe for Franklin

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Sorry if re-posting into the right section annoys you :(, my bad for placing this at Textures section

I would like to present you my current progress into making a TOTAL overhaul of franklin's wardrobe with Modern and famous Clothing brands.

This Modification includes model replacements, i took some meshes from other characters of the GTA 5 World, this with the only goal of making textures look even better.

I provide with full texture replacements for these model changes so you have a fitting texture for every "version" slot, this way you wont be getting bad mappings because the lack of these, along with the textures that didnt require model replacement (these ones only come with the versions i modified).

ITS REQUIRED FOR YOU TO INSTALL THIS MOD INTO A FRESH x64v.rpf file. Then you can add the other mods you could have installed in the past. Im not responsible for textures not appearing correctly if you didnt install it with a clear x64v.rpf file.

Will be updating with new versions as i follow up to create more quality Clothing for you guys.

Please if you can donate to me as you enjoy this mod, i will be thankful for it.

Any questions, write it down as a comment.


None big enough to make your eyes bleed.

Just let me advice you, the shoes that use model replacement do have some "overlaping" with slim fit jeans, but they fit perfectly with shorts and baggy jeans.

RECOMMENDED: Use trainer to explore the clothes as it will be easier than trying to find them around the stores.

Link for Screenshots and Download:

Edited by TJGM
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Nice to see you again vans! That's one clean ass GYM Shark tank top!

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Thanks man, will try to keep the mod updated frequently

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BUMP, have update the mod. You can check the Link for the all the new clothes.

Couldnt attack screenshots for every cloth piece i include in this update! The ones there are just "SOME" of them

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to bad you left project liberty your great work to make some Clothing for Michel GTA V :(

I hope u back & finish it

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