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[TUT] How to make my own GIF?


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How to make my own GIF?

Firstly,what is GIF? Well,GIF is a type of picture that performs moving style in web,but when downloaded,the gif will be stocked up and not moving. There are 2 kinds of GIF:

1. GIF From Pictures- this kind of gif performs a consecutive pictures,meaning you can upload all your pictures and the picture will go through it and will repeat(loop).

Ex: o3f1m.gif


2. GIF From Videos- this kind of gif is performing a video by using only a picture. After the video is finished,it will repeat again and again and will go back to the first part of the video(loop).

Ex: nwu3e.gif



Time to make your own GIF!

These are the things you have to do to make your own GIF. Just follow the guidelines:

1a.For GIF From Pictures , you may use the program to make your picture. The best software to make picture is Photoshop and Photofiltre Studio. You may also search for other's picture by searching in google,and anywhere.(when searching in google,download the picture you searched. Right-click on it and click "Save image as." Then select the path for the picture.)

2a. After creating/searching for your picture, go to Imgflip. You may also use other gif maker sites,but I recommend this one 'cause it's better than other.

3a. Click "Create" on top-left side and click "Make a GIF(From Images).

4a. Upload the picture you created/searched.

5a. Then the setting will be there. If your picture is more than 2,upload them and then arrange them as you get them ordered. Then you'll see the picture is moving. The settings are in the right side of the site:

Delay- the time in millisecond which is after the millisecond reaches,the picture will go to another image.

Width & Height- the pixel size of your GIF.

Quality- the quality of the GIF.

6a. Finally,your picture has been finished editting to be a GIF. Now,click "Generate GIF",and then the GIF will be created.

1b. For GIF From Video , you may use your favorite recording software to make your own video. And search in web for other's video.

2b. After creating/downloading video for your GIF, go to Imgflip. You may also use other gif maker sites,but I recommend this one 'cause it's better than other.

3b. Click Create on top-left side and click "Make a GIF(From Video).

4b. Upload the picture you created/downloaded.

5b. Time to edit the video for your GIF. As I show you the legends in 5a,you may use that to understand the settings easily.

6b. Finally,you've finished editting your video to be a GIF. Click "Generate GIF",and then the GIF From Video will be created.



Finally,you learned how to make your own GIF. Do experiments if you failed,never give-up,have high-hopes to make your picture/video to be a GIF succesfully,and then have fun! :)

Happy creating GIFs! :)



maoffense01- the creator of this tutorial.

Imgflip- the site used in this tutorial.

Any wrong spell? Failed to create a GIF? Need help? Just comment down and I'll make a solution for your problem as fast as I can.

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I think if you had a staff member add "[TUT]" in your topic title, it'd be easier to figure out that it is a tutorial and not just a general question. Nice work, nonetheless.

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