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Who did place the hidden packages?

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They pick up adrenaline pills already, so don't be saying they don't touch drugs

The adrenialine pill is just that adreinaline your body actually makes that natrully when you get scared or something.
So why are the effects only shown when you take the pill, as opposed to in the middle of a shootout or car chase?
Development oversight perhaps


But I am pretty certain that its just adrenaline.


Plus Claude really was not the panicking type.



Then it seems pretty weird that Claude's adrenaline only kicks in a certain spot, regardless of what's going on.

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Its similar to melatonin a sleep aide they make melatonin is naturally made in the body anyways yet you can also take a pill version of the same thing to help you sleep.


In other words Claude never panicked enough to make his adrenaline kick in yet he could take adrenaline pill if he found one anyways where getting off topic especially if I tell you that on top of it all its not realistic to say that an adrenaline pill always appears in the same place.

Edited by crashoverride93

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Claude Liberty city

Maybe a plane crashed ( just like in S.A.M mission, where there was a plane full of SPANK packages) and the packages fell down. There are 3 islands, so 3 planes crashed, resulting in 100 packages scattered around Liberty City.

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Power ups are a feature carried over from GTA 2. There's no lore attached to them.

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