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Graphic Design Request


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Hello everyone ,

I want to make a request about a simple design for a t-shirt.

Size : 3000px X 3000px

Description : So I would like a design on which he wrote "PROUND TO BE KURDISH"

in 3 color RED - WHITE - GREEN.

Here an exemple made by me but with photofiltre :)

as you can see this is low quality, that's why I like some things better.

Here's another example :

Additional information:

If possible you can put a sun in the middle of "TO BE"

Colour scheme

I'd like the design to have a red , white and green color and a yellow sun in the middle

Thanks in advance.

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Hey FunkyRJ , thanks a lot for your work .


-I want to know if it's possible that you take these flag colors for RED-WHITE-GREEN colors :



-Also if you can usde same police as this http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/757612PTBT.png


-And finally make i on a transparent backgound



Thanks is advance.

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It doesn't let me upload it as a transparent picture, it's too big.



Edited by FunkyRJ
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Thanks for your answer sir, that's nice work :)

Just can you change "KURDISH" police and put it like " PROUND" ?

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