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Grand Theft Auto V: BigTime


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Team PBT are working together to create one of the most immersive and game changing mods for Grand Theft Auto V to date.

We are adding a large amount of content to the game and pushing the boundaries even further to enhance and maintain the integrity of Grand Theft Auto V.

The mod is in full development right now. If you feel there is anything you can contribute feel free to contact us. The more help the better.

If you are interested in participating in the project leave us an email: [email protected]

Keeping within the game's original style and overall gameplay values, the aim and purpose of this modification is to enhance the single player experience to allow the player more choice and control over the game's mechanics. A fully integrated mission structure will allow the player to participate in multiple activities across Los Santos & Blaine County. From drug trafficking to gang rivalries, the player will be free to choose whatever they desire to do. Exploration will be a key aspect of the modification giving the player more reasons to explore the wonderful state of San Andreas with multiple rewards for doing so.

An overhauled menu system will also play a big part in the mod allowing the player to view progression stats for their chosen gang and view their currently obtained assets such as drivers, gunmen, medics and more. The integrated leveling system from GTA Online will make its debut in single player and function the same by allowing the player more activities, perks, missions and unlocks as well as extra rewards. For the first time, the game will feature a fully functional inventory system, which among many options, will allow the player to take stock of various items such as meat, jewels, and gear to name just a tiny few.

The mod will also upgrade the world of Los Santos & Blaine County with numerous aspects of the games wanted system, populations, vehicle spawn points, and much more still to be announced further down the line. For usability, the player will be able to use both gamepad and keyboard/mouse to control the new enhancements with a fully customizable configuration.

All of this and alot more will make this one of the most game changing modifications to the world of GTA V.


Team 1:

I'm Invictus - Director

ali mc - Founder

Raxdiam - Lead Programmer

Nacorpio - Programmer

TezzaMCJ - Map Design


Team 2:

dme - secret

• New members have shown their interest and have begun discussion with the rest of the team about what skills they are able to bring to the project.
• Construction of user interface has begun.


• Heavy work is underway on a variety of very big, groundbreaking things.


Edited by I'm Invictus
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Do you have any experience in a programming language, such as C++, C#, VB, or LUA? Those are the languages the current Script Hooks use.

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If you're learning the basics then I'd advise starting with RagePluginHook or ScriptHookVDotNet. C++ is pretty intense, you have to handle a lot of minutiae with memory and such... I think a newbie would enjoy programming in C# much more.

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I am currently working with C# on VS 2013 Ultimate


which is now no longer the case as it broke my pc had to do a full install of windows

Edited by ali mc
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We have officially started work on this mod.




We are asking for anyone who wants to pitch in in anyway or form to join in. We particularly need some more coders in C#. This mod is a lot more than the initial first post in the thread, possibly the biggest GTA V mod yet.

Edited by I'm Invictus
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Have you guys considered developing this as an open source project on GitHub?

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@dme At the moment its just a non-open source project which at some point down the line may become open-sourced but for now, No

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This sounds extremely promising. I wish you guys best of luck with the development of this mod!

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I'm actually quite interested in this project.

I'm proficient in the .NET framework, so I could bring a lot to the table.


Please message me back for more information.

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I'm actually quite interested in this project.

I'm proficient in the .NET framework, so I could bring a lot to the table.


Please message me back for more information.

my name in skype is marhoune heythem

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We're making some ground breaking progress and have alot of surprises in store. Stay tuned.

I hope you get forward with this mod, and I also hope you have the right people who are experienced and skilled enough.


Good Luck!

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something I've always wanted from this game is the ability to play your custom online character, but in SP with all the custom missions and scripts from the modding community (tired of M, F and T and hate gta online). Hope this will get close to that!

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AfterMath Chaos




Do you need any more coders?





Edited by AfterMath Chaos
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