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Prison Break - Station is too glitchy


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I noticed all of this nonsense started happening after the recent update. Making it borderline unplayable with randumbs


-After you lose the cops the first time and Agent 14 is done talking, you instantly get another 3 stars for doing absolutely nothing

-After you go in and get the schedule, the police car won't even go, even if you switch drivers (you make a fool out of yourself if you are paired with a randumb)

-The cops sometimes attack you for no reason occasionally, even if you are walking like normal

-The cops are replicas of Robocop and they can take a bullet to head 5 times and get right back up and take half your health with 2 bullets

-They can see you when you are in the sewer or underground


Since I never been on Cargo Ship team. I don't know how buggy it is for them

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Cutter De Blanc

Last time I did this mission some dude was just tearassing around the desert in the Casco, and refused to drop it off.

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The glitch where the police car gets stuck after you grab the bus schedule is really annoying too.

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