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Mods Binder (mod menu)


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Mods Binder for GTA V

Mods Binder is an ASI plugin for Script Hook V to access all configured mods with one single in-game menu. Personally, I find annoying having to memorize keyboard shortcuts for each and every mod installed. This plugin lets you bind all the key combinations into menu items using a simple INI configuration file. The key combinations are defined in a natural, human-readable format.

1. Install Script Hook V by Alexander Blade and ASI loader that comes with it.
2. Paste ModsBinder.asi and ModsBinder.ini into GTA V folder.

Example configuration with several mods:

[ModsBinder]shortcut=F5closeCurrentShortcut=CTRL+BACKSPACEautoscan=true[Mods]Bodyguard Menu=F8Native Trainer (Blade)=F4Nice Fly=HRiot Mode=F7Simple Trainer for GTA V=F3The Inner Force=-Vehicle Cannon=F11Custom Mod = SHIFT+K

If autoscan option is enabled, Mods Binder checks if any of a few popular, pre-defined mods is installed. In order for autoscanner to work, the mods must be inside GTA V folder and must have original filenames.




Source Code (C++)
https://github.com/MakG10/gtav-mods-binder Edited by MakG
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I've updated Mods Binder.



- Xbox 360 controller support (DPAD UP & DPAD DOWN opens the menu, the navigation is with DPAD)

- Options like shortcut key, autoscan toggling and style of the menu are now configurable directly in-game

- The enabled mods are now indicated with a different background color in the menu





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$5 xbox 360 mod menu...kik:J_mar0318 if interested-


This isn't allowed here. Do not post it again.

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Oh that's very cool ! i'am always VERY annoyed having to get 4264 differents keys for different mods. ( so i basicaly dont use many mod )


Going to need to try that !


Thanks for your work !

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have a quick question, how do you add mod manualy ?

Is it only related to the shortcut ? so the "mod name" you write in the ini is only for the menu ?

Do it "disable" the other shortcut keys ?


Like i i open your "menu mod" with F5, and i have mods using F6 F7 F8 ( as exemple ) with your mod enabled in game if i press F6 Or F7 Or F8 do thoses keys will do nothing now ?

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can you make this menu compatible with menus and such that use RAGEhook plugin????

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