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Missing car?


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Hey guys,


I recently purchased the new Coil Brawler in Story Mode, maxed out the upgrades, resprayed it and bought a garage to store it in. I went to play yesterday, drove the truck from one of my safehouses (strip joint) over to the garage only find the garage empty, except for the free sports car. I checked the other safehouse near Trevor's hangar...nothing. I drove to the Impound Lot...nothing. Where did the car disappear to? I'm not sure this issues has anything to do with it, but after completing one of the Rampage missions under the same character, I have been asked to overwrite that save date when I walk out the back of the strip club office. I keep selecting yes, because if I select no, the 'auto-save' feature turns off. Any advice?



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Which garage was it stored in? There's a known glitch with some of the garages ingame losing vehicles.

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