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CLEO 2.0


Recommended Posts


Okay, should be fixed. Some things got broken after updates. GPS mod is not yet available for vc, but you can compile it from the sources.


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Is anyone interested in looking over my code for a plugin for CLEO? I am currently working on an opcodes restoration project for Vice City. This is my first public work using C++, Visual Studio, and GitHub, so it would be great if anyone can help out. 49 opcodes have been implemented so far.

EDIT: Links have been updated. Visit GTAModding for the latest updates. Edited by spaceeinstein
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Cool. Probably it would be good to make a complete list of opcodes that need to be done and then just scratch completed opcodes out. Maybe I'll be able to help you with some of them in a few weeks or so.

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Could you let VC load the mp3? Really need the opcodes



0AAC: $hMP3 = load_audiostream "CLEO\playlist\1.mp3"

0AAD: set_mp3 $hMP3 perform_action 1

0AAE: release_mp3 $hMP3

0AAF: [email protected] = get_mp3_length $hMP3

0AB9: get_mp3 $hMP3 state_to [email protected]

0ABB: [email protected] = audiostream $hMP3 volume

0ABC: set_audiostream $hMP3 volume [email protected]

0AC0: audiostream $hMP3 loop 1

0AC1: $hMP3 = load_audiostream_with_3d_support "sample.mp3" //IF and SET

0AC2: set_3d_audiostream $hMP3 position [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

0AC3: link_3d_audiostream $hMP3 to_object $object

0AC4: link_3d_audiostream $hMP3 to_actor $actor

0AC5: link_3d_audiostream $hMP3 to_vehicle $car

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How the two opcodes used? They are doing?


0601: is_button_pressed_on_pad 3 with_sensitivity 0xFF

0602: emulate_button_press_on_pad 2 with_sensitivity 0xFF


The keys?

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Noticed this strange bug with the turn indicators script, the signals for the Stretch are reversed :lol:

Same thing happens with the Hearse and Love Fist limo.




Edited by BeckermannDewitt
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Yeah, I checked a couple DFFs. The (single) taillights marker was always on the right side of the model, except for the strech limo. That one has it on the left side. Well, Rockstar never needed to distinguish left from right, so they didn't mess up as such. But still, it's a divergence from their usual scheme.


Out of curiosity I took a quick look at your source code. From what I've seen, working around that should easily be possible by using the absolute values of the offsets and then negating the other.

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Is there a bug to opcode 0ADC? It seems to ignore the first character. For example, using the string "AB", typing just "B" returns true. Or using "ABCDE", typing "BCDE" returns true.

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I did a fix for 0ADC opcode https://github.com/x87/III.VC.CLEO/commit/1cf29a440d4c07a32f86d5e3db1d6d9a23bc4b9c



I can't do a PL for ThirteenAG's base repo, as I forked the space's one previously. It is much ahead of the base fork, should all the changes spaceeinstein did be then merged to the base repo?

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ThirteenAG,we found the opcode about animations are useful.

We can not add the extra animation in vice city,so we use a new animation replace the original animations in vc.

However,it is limited ,because the original animations are finited.

But the opcode in san andreas apply them,

Can you convert or add it in the new version cleo?thanks. :pp

Edited by Bill SKY
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Any way to start both (3,VC) versions on XP?

Whenever i put the files, game exits.

I won't be supporting XP, in theory it should be possible to recompile the main asi and plugins with older toolset or _xp.
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