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GTA:SA Sabre & ZR350 glitching

Green color Homie

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Green color Homie

Ok guys, I have a legal copy of GTASA andV1.00 exe, and I have modded nearly every car including the zr350 and sabre. But since 2 days back, the sabre spawns with wheels only and passes through every thing except the road. The zr350 meanwhile looks ok but on contact with any car or person, it glitches and disappears. If you somehow manage to enter it, it flies around crazily and explodes!

Any solution?


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For the Sabre:


Did you set the max gears to 6? San Andreas can only have a maximum of 5. Attempting to put max gears to 6 will result ANY modded car to spawn with only its wheels.


For the ZR-350:

There's something wrong in the handling data. Try copy/paste the handling from your mod readme.

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"Since 2 days back"


Does that mean they DID work before? Or did you just replace them two days ago?


If it only recently started dissappearing check if your gta3.img isn't bigger than 4GB, though if that's the case replaced cars above 4GB won't spawn at all anymore and won't be enterable.


If this is the case you can possibly fix it by rebuilding the archive once more.

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