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Ghostbusters (2016)

Mister Pink

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So most of you probably know they are making a new Ghostbusters. While I'm sick of remakes re-hashes of old films, I'm keeping an open mind about this. Ghostbusters was really dear to me but it's just a film series.. It's not going to change the original. I don't care if the next generation grow up thinking these are the originals, it's a new experience to them. There's plenty of awe-inspiring things for them too that we miss out on as an adult.


People get so precious with words like "stop raping my childhood" etc. I used to be sort of like that but then I realised theirs more to life. The originals are still there. Let them use a great premise again for a newer generation.


Anyway, the first photo was released of the new all-girl Ghostbusters. I like it so far because they're real looking. They're not super-hot babes. But nerdly looking women that look like the sort of women that if they were to be busting ghosts, they'd look like them.


What do you guys think?



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Wait, all 4 of them are from SNL. This movie is already doomed to fail. The only good SNL movie was Wayne's World imo.

Edited by Ray
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Wait, all 4 of them are from SNL. This movie is already doomed to fail. The only good SNL movie was Wayne's World imo.

The Blues Brothers would like a word.


Regarding how they look, I've always found Kristen Wiig to be attractive. But that's not the important thing here.


Anyway, I have zero intention of ever watching this. Still irks me that they're actually going through with rebooting it. I get that it's just a movie, but this will no doubt lack the charm of the originals that made them so memorable. The outfits, proton packs and even the Ecto-1 look terrible in my honest opinion. Not to mention I have an unexplainable/irrational hatred for Melissa McCarthy. I just don't find her funny or appealing at all. She's like the female equivalent of Kevin James to me. I really wish they would've left the franchise alone once Harold Ramis died.


Just my two cents.

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inb4 media blames poor box office numbers on sexism

inb4 anyone giving a negative critique of the movie is accused of sexism


I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.



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Is Ghostbusters gonna be the new addition to things ruined by diversity for the sake of diversity?



But seriously, I don't exactly see where all the hate is coming from. I haven't been keeping up with the news on this and all I see is Ghostbusters that are women.

Don't we love the movie industry? Instead of coming up with well written female characters, they replace everyone with more generic female characters that only increase sexism. It's a beautiful world.

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So, we have to remember this film isn't going to change the originals. Basically, it's a great premise and now a new generation can enjoy it, in a contemporary way.


I'm trying my best to remain positive lately with regards to remaking a film. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.. that's certainly true for many things but the potential to grab the next generations imagination is nice so I don't think it shouldn't be made because of some bitter people that disagree as it messes with their nostalgia. The originals will always be as they are and fans of the next gen of Ghostbusters will seek out the originals and enjoy them too.


Here's another pic... I actually really love the new Ecto-1. The original Ecto-1 is a dream but in the 80's it would have been more common to see an ambulance like the Ecto-1 beat up somehwere around New York.. Now, it makes more sense to see a 20/30 year old car rather than a 50 year old Ambulance if you get what I mean. The refurbished Ecto-1 is basically relative to the time. Both Ecto-1's have the charm of being vintage.



Edited by Mister Pink
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Is Ghostbusters gonna be the new addition to things ruined by diversity for the sake of diversity?





Right, because rebooting a film means the original no longer exists...


My point is, you can have the cake and eat it. And blondie there reminds me a lot of MNDR.



Edited by Mr.Scratch
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I don't really consider the Ghostbusters formula to be 'timeless' in the same way that the Dumb & Dumber formula wasn't (I still enjoyed Dumb & Dumber To, but that second go around was very flat).


My opinion of this reboot would still be negative even if it were the original cast returning (sans Ramis :( ).

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I'd disagree about the formula. Disaster/Underdog films transcend decades and cultures. Ghostbusters is an underdog story and people laughed and shunned them until they started saving the city and they rose to fame. I loved that whole thing about it. It wasn't so much about ghosts but about 3 guys and then eventually 4, had a vision. They were a bit strange and nobody took them seriously. Then went against the grain and then rose to fame when they saved the city. I don't think that story is dead.


I think it's going to be interesting watching New York under fire from ghosts. I just hope it has that quirky, subtle humour and it doesn't try go for "did you just see I made a funny?" jokes.


Will it be sh*t? I don't know that. Will it be good? How can I possibly say?


Thing about re-boots or remakes is that it will never be a new thing. They don't have the power to wow people as it wont be new. Remakes will never top peoples nostalgia, especially when the original is almost flawless.


Whats happening is that we are going to see a repackaged adaptation of Ghostbusters. So, I'm going to try go in with an open mind and let the film do the talking. Could be sh*t.. But I'm not going to go in, telling myself, it's going to be crap. That's no fun. I want it to succeed. And besides, it's only a Ghostbusters film. It's just a film in a million I'll watch so I'm not going to lose sleep if it's crap, lol.

Edited by Mister Pink
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  • 2 weeks later...

I loved Ghostbusters as a child, still one of my all time favourite films. I'm not too sure about this reboot, I don't see nothing wrong with an all female cast if it's done right, however I don't see this having that wow factor the original films had for me, I'll keep an open mind about it, but I can see this film not doing good at all.


I was hoping to see the return of Bill Murray and the old cast, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

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I'm kinda looking forward to it, but I won't have any wild expectations of the film. I grew up with the originals, so they'll always have a special place in my heart that new films today just won't come close to. That childhood nostalgia and stuff. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy this movie, so I'll keep an open mind and take it for what it is.


I also like the new Ecto 1, I'm happy they kept it vintage. I also noticed it's a hearse now, which I think is cool.

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I also like the new Ecto 1, I'm happy they kept it vintage. I also noticed it's a hearse now, which I think is cool.

I've always figured the new Ecto 1 would have been based on the Dodge Magnum...




Though on the topic on hand, I doubt this is going to be any good. It already has Melissa Mccarthy in it, which I don't find funny.

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That was one of my concerns about the Ecto 1 actually, that they'd make it too modern. I'm glad they didn't.

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Don't forget "Joliet" Jake and Elwood Blues.

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