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A Sub Forum dedicated to those who attack each other


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Now from what I heard, there used to be a sub forum for those who like to attack each other, but then later it got removed. There's times recently where I see threads having people attack each other, such as someone giving their opinion and then someone else not liking it and replying with a not so friendly post, then having others coming in, thus causing the thread to be off topic and to get locked or removed. This can be prevented or help decrease these situations (hopefully) by bringing back the so called sub forum called "The Pit", so if any member has problems with someone else, they can discuss there, and the following thread that was including the "fighters" wouldn't have to get a warning, lock, or removal.

Edited by GamesBoy316
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No. The fact that it was removed should tell you all you need to know. It won't prevent anything, but rather encourage it. We don't need a place where an atmosphere of asshole-like behaviour, flying at each others throats and general negativity is encouraged. We have, and enforce the Forum Rules for a reason, we're not going to throw them in the bin for one subforum just so a few hotheads can get their rocks off.


As for threads going off the rails. We do actively browse and monitor threads, but don't have eyes everywhere and thus rely heavily on user reports. If you see individuals; flaming others, using hate speech, other confrontational language against others, goading others, or the like please report them and they will be dealt with appropriately. The earlier on in a thread we can nip such behaviour in the bud, the better.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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