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Defining engine sound


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I'm adding cars using the dlc approach tut in this forum, but the vehicles I add have no sound. I wonder were I can define sounds? Isn't it in vehicle.meta??


Thanks I advance.

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It's the <audioNameHash /> line for each car in vehicles.meta


If you wanted the T20 to use the 9F sound for example, find the T20 in vehicles.meta, change <audioNameHash /> to <audioNameHash>9F</audioNameHash> and you're done.

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  • 3 months later...

It's the <audioNameHash /> line for each car in vehicles.meta


If you wanted the T20 to use the 9F sound for example, find the T20 in vehicles.meta, change <audioNameHash /> to <audioNameHash>9F</audioNameHash> and you're done.


Is there a list of which cars use which engine sounds from the streamed_vehicle rpf? Or where they are defined at for each car?

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  • 3 months later...

Back in the (gta iv) days, someone propped up a list; but every time I checked it I found something wrong with it.


Using open iv we can now edit audio files in v like we could in iv, but mapping out which vehicles rely on which sound / combination of sounds still needs to be done afaik.


A lot of things are very similar gta iv VS gta v. I can patch sound mods made for iv into v no worries, after having a brief look and corrupting a few things the other day by accident (woops) ...


But, gta v if you go through vehicles meta you never find anything in the audio hash tag areas. You can add some model name there so that the meta references another vehicle, but the other vehicle afaik nobody knows: how it knows which sounds to be using. There are the basic folder sets aka sounds banks of ultra short loops as usual in streamed vehicles rpf, but then there are two entirely different archives beyond that; streamed vehicles granular and streamed vehicles granular_NPC.


There are audio samples (it seems) in these extra archives of real vehicles and bikes etc. up to 9 seconds long (accel, decel so on and so fourth) but you never hear them as such in the game. They either exist as part of future goings on, IOW updates or gta vi, or they are there and being used as guidelines in varying ways, probably to assist in little things like making the Dukes sound unique and different to the Ruiner, even though they probably both use the same basic sound bank found in muscle_cars_1, for example.


There are only 4 sound banks for muscle cars, yet there are easily more than 4 muscle cars in the game. We can fairly easily ID which of these 4 banks any given car depends on, but it has remained a mystery (to me at least) how to recognise the method (of audio output referencing, filtering and what not) used by each car to help characterise them as individual machines running unique engines and drivelines in varying degrees and also in relation to eachother.


This means that when you replace or modify the bank , say; muscle_cars_3 in the streamed vehicles rpf; you end up replacing / modding the sound of 7 different vehicles.


I have only owned gta v for about 6 - 8 weeks now, but I'm on the edge of sound mods once again, interrupted by everything including Rstar but getting there slowly.


I would like to understand more, but I'm afraid concepts like natives, hashes, hexs, decs, integers and hidden flags are waters somewhat deeper than my little flippers can navigate or even begin to comprehend, let alone work through and find my way around. I'd rather sit in the sun and stare at the clouds. I think i'd learn more, and the constant refreshing in the atmosphere is something easier for me to adjust to, by orders of magnitude.


The sounds in gta v are greatly improved over previous releases, except for maybe the whats-it-called muscle car from gta III, but if I had a copy of that for PC I could probably patch it forwards if I was extremely bored or whatever, but yeh, the latest is always most interesting.


In gta iv I did not have enough practice to mod a decent full range note into any vehicle overall, but I did manage to mod in an idle loop; sampled from (a video recording of) one of my favourite cars; before and after shredding a set of tyres; a big block V8 with a huge cam lope rocking the car side to side; idling away running through open headers. Doesn't mean sh*t to most people I suppose but it put a smile on my dial. In fact the video where I sourced the audio from is prob still up on the youtubes. Simple things.

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  • 3 months later...

GTA 5 doesn't use the old good loop system like GTA 4 does. It uses the more advanced granular sound system (hence the word granular, duh). It means that each audio recording is split up into hundreds of chunks of audio which are then played depending on the RPM. If you extract an .awc file you also get an .oac file which holds information about these chunks. This makes it a lot harder to make good car sounds and it's mostly about luck whether your new sound file sounds well or not.

Edited by Bone34
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