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Wrench Life Car Club (Xbox one)

Dim4 Fppe

Recommended Posts

Wrench Life Car Club Los Santos Charter

Most of the officers in Wrench Life have been together for atleast a year before making the club together. The club runs smoothly for the most part, our hierarchy looks close to an MC'S, bottom to top rank is Prospects, Members, Secondary Officer Positions, Primary Officer Positions, Executive. Everyone has to go threw prospectship, every member including the president has done if before, if you expect to be one of us, come in like one of us. The club enjoys having fun including but not limited to Car shows, Tdms, and Rides. our Car shows include Voting for specific genres, tire smoke competitions, best donut(using only the e brake, wheel, and gas), For the Diesels we have smokeout competitions (other known as rolling coal), there are drag races or drift circuits for fun or for high stakes, And much more! Your knowledge on GTA cars or Real life cars does not have to be extensive, though we dont accept childish behavior or smacking into each others cars(mistakes happen, we get that) we have roughly 15 patched in members and 8 prospects. Come join our family!



President- Dim4 FPPE

Vice President- The Gun Lover

SGT @ ARMS- SgtMcDoodle

Secretary- Beastmodeman67

Quartermaster- AsApJay2015


Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wrenchh_life_carz


Platform: Xbox one


Games: Grand theft auto 5, Grand theft auto online


Timezones: Good portion of the club is Eastern, some are hour or two behind, others are an hour or two ahead. We always seem to make it work though.

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The Vercetti Outfit

I'm a leader of my own crew. But I'd like to attend a car show with some of my own entries.

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The Vercetti Outfit

Thats cool man, we always allow others to attend, whats your GT?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Carshow tonight at 8pm eastern time, message one of the names you saw up top if you wanna attend!!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
Capshun Is Cool

Capshun Is Cool


Hey capsun, what's your gamer tag?

Edited by Capshun Is Cool
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