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Stealed Mod


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Hi, I'm from Indonesia.. '-')b my name Rosyid.. i'm ReventRRR in gtainside.. and my mod had just stealed by a stranger in my country.. and he reupload it to gtav.gtaind.com .. he stole my mod from gtainside.. this is the picture.. YTCqvzG.png5qhzofo.png
the website (gtav.gtaind.com) contains many stealed mod.. what do u think about this??

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A lot of the mods on there that I saw aren't stolen, just reuploaded by someone else and crediting the author.

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'3') yes.. but u can see the www.gtaind.com there's many GTA SA mods.. that the name of author was changed...

sorry bad english

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The answer is simple:





Just do what I always do when some retard steal/discredit my mod - spam in the comments section.

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Well, That's right, Some people from my country also creates stupid mod pack by naming it "Extreme Indonesia" or whatever like that, They stole the mods from GTAInside or our beloved GTAForums, They didn't even asks the original authors of those mods, They're just putting those mods on the website, Silent's Patch, ThirteenAG and TJGM's Project 2dfx and other mods is included too on those mod pack, I am also expecting those mod pack will broke some files from data or models file and it will crashes the game, My game is broken because of that site, It is just another modified blogspot website.

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is just reuploaded just think that you could have reuploaded yourself to the other site,and i saw that bike on other site as well but the author name was other and the miku thing was a texture for that bike released quite a go on gtabbs.

So as you see i dont know if i have to believe you.

By the way gta extreme indonesia is quite cool and i dont think it has something seen on here because well los santos was changed to look like indonesia the cars used are cars used on indonesia as the bikes,and the only skins i found that you can say is stolen are from yuniwii and he is credited for the skins so is not a big deal

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