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New cars showing up on the road in SP?


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After the update within a few minutes of playing SP I saw a Turismo R on the road. I have never seen that car on the road in SP other than that one mission. Did this update bring more cars on the road too?

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Really? I guess its extremely rare. But the Turismo R wasn't a DLC.


It was part of a DLC. If I remember correctly, it was part of the Business Update.

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I now just saw a coquette classic and a stallion for the first time on the road.... I think it may just have to do with progressing in the story mode where different cars show up. I already beat the game on PS3 so im taking my sweet old time doing it on the PS4

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On Next-Gen there are approximately 70 pre-modified cars (without gang cars) on more than 50 different locations in traffic (so far I know, maybe more). Thanks to Rockstars unpredictable randomizer it will take months to see all of them. Two different Turismos, four different Massacros, two different Warrener, three different Suranos etc.


The Stallion is together with the Blista Compact and the Dukes exclusive to PS4/XBONE/PC.

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