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Misogyny in GTA V


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*This post will also be made on "ign.com/boards"

Ever since GTA V released back in September of 2013 is been the target of all kinds of controversy. I chose to ignore most of this, as I felt a lot of it was plain stupid. There is one topic however, that I did look into and have found myself torn between both sides of the arguement. That is, Misogyny in GTA V or in simpler words, the GTA V's treatment of women.

Some people believe that while the game might not treat women well, it doesn't treat ANYONE well. That all the characters in GTA V, both men and women, are purposly designed to be stereotypes in order to create a parody of the moderen world.

Others belive that the game is social commentary, and that the particularly controversial parts of the game, such as the portrayal of women and the torture scene, are supposed to open our eyes and confront us with topics we would rather ignore.

Others believe that the game is simply just misogynistic and that Rockstar are assholes. Nothing else.

Now I know that last one is just stupid and I don't even feel the need to explain why, but I really can't decide on the other two.
Yes, everyone in the game is repersented poorly, but someone pointed out to me that although the vast majority of men in the game are portrayed as liars, theifs, drug dealers, ect, the game acts as though the men are right even when they aren't. The game never really does this with women and while there are some male characters that do exsist in the game to solely laugh at, there seems to be much more female characters that are portrayed as jokes than men.

As for the other reason, that the game is social commentary, well, that makes more sense but this is GTA and we all know what GTA is like. Since when am I supposed to be relating the things that happen there to the real world? I thought that it was a parody and I wasn't supposed to take it seriously. But why does torture and mistreatment of women exist in the game as a parody? How is that funny? Wha-?

I'm the kind of person that doesn't like uncertainty. I don't want to think, or believe, I want to know. The problem with GTA V is that I can't decide what its intention is and the uncertainty is actually getting in the way of me enjoying the game.
What do you think about all this? What are your opinions of misogyny in GTA V? Or do you even think misogny exsists in the game? Give reasons for you thoughts. Its driving me crazy... I need help lol

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where ever you copy pasted this from is where it should have stayed. You dont even have a personal opinion strong enough to post your own thoughts and the person who wrote this has a very poor grasp of the english language.

Leave this sh*t on tumbler/ twitter or where ever you lifted it from

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The whole debate is stupid. The entire point of GTA is satire, that includes treatment of women.

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No one cares that you're outraged/offended/butthurt at GTA 5. Some of us enjoy games instead of nitpicking at em.


Kindly f*ck off.

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I almost replied to this bullsh*t.

GTA is a VIDEOGAME. Not a philosophical documentary. Now as previously said, go kindly f-off!

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