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Rockstar modellers > Rockstar coders


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Anyone else get the impression that the staff at R* who creates the vehicle models are much, much better than those who decide what they do?


I'll give some example from this update. Someone decided the new Coquette should be in the muscle class when it clearly belongs in the sports classic class.

The Brawler looks great, has a drive-shaft going to the front axle and has a bunch of extra light you can add. Someone decided the lights and drive-shaft should be nonfunctional.

The new Toro boat has two V12 engines in the back however it's much slower that many of the other boats.


In each case you have a great looking vehicle that has been neutered somehow by the coding R* assigns to it. To be honest I am assuming these are jobs done by different individuals at R* so I could be off base here. However I imagine the scenario in the R* offices where, after testing this new DLC, the modeller walks over to the coding dept. all pissed off and says, "Dude! Why'd you make my badass boat so freakin' slow!" :lol:

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I think the Blackfin fits perfectly in the muscle class, now you can have a Sports Coquette, Sports Classic Coquette, and a Muscle Coquette.

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Voit Turyv

R* defy logic.

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Yeah, I'd agree that there's a bit of a disconnect between those 2 sides. Handful of vehicles seem underwhelming or incorrect when compared to their RL counterpart.

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I really think they just screwed up on the Brawler's 4wd like they did on the Insurgents and before that on the sandking. If it has a front driveshaft and says its 4x4 in the description i'm going to guess that next patch it'll be 4x4.

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I've been saying this nearly since the game came out.


They really need someone who can direct the vehicle side of the series and prevent these guys from messing things up. They break the continuity of the vehicles and manufacturers, screw up names, screw up vehicle details, mix up classes, utterly break the racing balance, completely ignore mods for some vehicles, screw up engine sounds, and so on.


The actually designers do a pretty good job in general though, as many of the cars look great.

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