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DirectX 11 vs 10.1


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Hi guys,


Don't think this has been discussed yet, or i did not found any info on it.

Anyhow, I was having a lot of trouble running this game smoothly on my "older" system.

I knew from the beginning these are minimum requirement..

My specs are an Intel Quad-core Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz with 4 gig memory.

win 8.1 x64 with (important) my virtual memory swapfile on another HD then the one my windows is installed on.

I do have a newer videocard, the GTX 960 4Gb version.


But still the game was a b*tch to tune smoothly.

So every logical brain sets everything on low specifications:

Lower resolution, all msaa and fsaa and tesselation and all the rest of those things off.

The game looked ugly, but oh man i was trilled and happy to play it.


But every update i needed to tweek my setting again.

Untill a few days ago i switched the ingame settings from Directx 11 to 10.1

Now all of a sudden i can set all my settings to aprox max values, and it runs very very smooth.

Dunno why tbh


So i would give you this tip of you having problems running the game.

Just try it and see the performance rise with 300%!


If it won't work out for you, oh well, nobody died right, just give it a try.

Plz do reply with your experience(s)

Edited by _NeQo_
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For me it's the setting which changes the performance the most. I use dx11 now, but the 10.1 surely gives me a smoother ride.

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never really tried 10.1. dx10 just sttuters more, dx11 is fluid but sometimes have it's slowdowns

GTX550Ti here

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Ambient occlusion, tessellation and some shadow settings are disabled in DX10.1. Not worth the decrease in visuals IMO.

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Add more ram, req at least 8gb to run and over clock your gpu cpu.

Edited by PCMasterRace46
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Add more ram, req at least 8gb to run and over clock your gpu cpu.


Can't. Still running on DDR2 ram here, max 2Gb per slot. :facedesk:

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What? my game doesn't start If I used DirectX 11. (It only makes it to intro then crashes)

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