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Performance Issues


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Hey all,


I am currently having a lot of issues running GTA 5 on PC. My specifications meet the minumum requirements, yet I am getting around 15 - 20 fps.


I am running Windows 8.1. When opening GTA 5, I opened task manager and went to performance, where the CPU would linger around 85% usage while running the game.


Here are my specs below:


Operating System: Windows 8.1


Video Card: ATI Radeon 7850 HD 2GB

Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.2ghz Dual Core


Will greatly appreciate any help.





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Didnt realise that was a dual core ^^


It would help if you posted your game settings. There is a world of difference between the bottom and the top, and meeting the minimum requirements is only basically saying it'll launch, but after that...


A guy I sold one of my old PCs to, i7-860 / 5870 (2GB) / 4GB RAM, messaged me about GTAV performing badly. After some setting tweaks, he was happy enough with how it ran.

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Newest games require above average hardware to run descent. Meaning above min specs. Upgrade your Gpu is best thing you can do.

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Newest games require above average hardware to run descent. Meaning above min specs. Upgrade your Gpu is best thing you can do.

If I had a dime for every single moment in time that you decided to show your cock off about your video I would own 8 of those.


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Using direct x 10, with everything set to normal.


FXAA was also set to off with low population density etc...


Thinking that upgrading my GPU would be my best bet. It's held up for a while but it might be that time again...

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Id expect you to get more than 15-20 fps with those settings! (No higher than 1080p?)


Have you run malware scans? CCleaner?


Nothing running in the background that doesnt have to be?


My advice to the guy who had msg'd me re my old PC, was to drop everything to a minimum and slowly work up. But stay on DX10, leave advanced tab alone, V-sync to half, and leave MSAA off. I doubt he got to notch much up, but he went from considering an upgrade to being ok with how the adjustments went.

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