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How do I make more police vehicles spawn in a pursuit in GTA V (latest version) singleplayer? Is there some .meta file or such that I can edit to change the amount that spawns during a pursuit?


All replies appreciated, thanks.

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Don't know if its possible but directional blood splatter like in RDR2 when you shoot someone from the side

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@Acho For that interior mod search "[MLO] Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office Extended Interior [Add-On SP / FiveM]".

gta5-mods site

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Always had an idea, that something like this could be interesting. 

Currently (not sure) I think there are trainers which can spawn MP cars in multiplayer, but to me it could bit more interesting if for example such transport could be somewhere hidden on map. 

I'm not asking for spawning in traffic, just spawn one model somewhere, and during playthrough it can be fun to find these. 


Whole concept to me sounds interesting, because MP has interesting cars and there a lot of them. 

Guess this is best options so far - https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/sparky-s-traffic-overhaul

And spawn option on map - 


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Hi, does anyone know o can make a mod that let’s you see the game with the model’s wireframe? Maybe better if it’s something that let’s you enable and disable a wireframe rendering or a wireframe override rendering. I know it’s possible since there are some videos on YouTube using something along that lines.

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Hey everyone!

Does anyone know a mod that can hide the HUD in Snapmatic?
The goal is to use Snapmatic to set up shots but use 3rd-party software to actually capture screenshots (since Snapmatic saves pictures in awfully low resolution).

I've tried all the HUD hiding mods I could find and none work for the Snapmatic HUD. Trainers with such functionality (NativeTrainer, Simple Trainer etc.) can't do that as well.

I know you can hide the HUD in Rockstar Editor but it's extremely cumbersome and inconvenient if you're like me and take pictures for hours on end.

I also know the Ingame Screenshot and FreecamV mods exist but they both lack crucial Snapmatic features, and are just not as immersive, if you're in the mood for that.


I honestly don't know how this hasn't been addressed by anyone in all these years xD
I was expecting there to be a lot of "Better Snapmatic"-type mods but I barely even saw any at all.
Don't know if it's just that tricky to mod this part of the game or nobody just cares enough to try. Either way it's so sad to me. The only thing stopping me from walking around the map for days and just taking pictures of everything.

I'm lowkey willing to learn a bit of GTA V modding myself just to make a mod like that. Or just pay somebody on fiverr to do it, but it's hard to separate me and my money, and besides I can't even pay for it from my country.
I also tried to snoop around the game files through OpenIV but was ultimately unable to do anything with the UI.

So please, if anyone has any info on this topic (that includes general starting instructions on how to mod this part of the game), share it with me, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your time! :)

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Hello, guys, I would like to replay GTA V Story Mode, but with some mods that improve the experience. I'm interested in fixes / gameplay improvements / texture packs and even graphics mods, but I'm open to any suggestion. Would you, please, recommend me a list of mods?

Also, my PC specs are as following (might be useful for graphics mods):


Ryzen 5 5600 / RX 6800 XT / 32GB RAM



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I have a request for green and white sheriff stainer and granger textures or the location of some. The only ones I seem to find are for addon vehicles. I have a pic of this for an example. https://imgur.com/PG1lfBU

Anyone that knows how to make or recolor the original textures?

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Anybody know of any 93 through 97 camaro Lt1 z28 mods? Id absolutely love to drive one in game since my uncle used to have one with a built motor pls let me know i would greatly appreciate it thx💪

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Bomjor mapping

Hello there!

Do you want to turn the world of GTA 5 into a unique space of your dreams? Then you should definitely contact us! We are a team of mapping professionals ready to bring your wildest ideas to life. You will get it from us:

List of services:
- Create custom maps for GTA 5, taking into account all your wishes.
- Create unique interiors and buildings to add atmosphere to your gameplay.
- Solve various problems with your interiors / props/exteriors/ etc.
- Fix interiors (various bugs, bugs, collision problems, etc.)
- Change interiors (removing/adding furniture, replacing textures, etc.)
- Convert interiors for any platform (FiveM, Atv, SP, Rage MP)
- Creation of various objects
- Creation/decoration of various locations on the map
- Creation of locations/objects for video/mini-games, etc.
- Individual approach to each project to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

We have already implemented many projects that have received great recognition in the GTA 5 community. I have attached some of them to the letter!

Advantages of our team:
1. Experience and professionalism: We have extensive experience in the world of GTA 5 and know all the subtleties of mapping.
2. Individual approach: We listen to each client and strive to turn their unique ideas into reality.
3. Quality and timing: We guarantee the high quality of our work and its completion on time.

Are you ready to turn your game world into something amazing? Then don't be shy! Contact us right now and we will start working on your project! Unique opportunities are waiting for you today!


Discord: discord.gg/6tSFXeTf9U

Sincerely, Bomjor mapping!

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Please for the love of god can someone find a way to make the game treat third person movement the same as the first person, which cuts out all the dumb animations and makes it actually responsive instead of feeling like molasses to play?


Can't believe this has never been addressed in 10 years

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