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GTA V Modding Requests & Finds


Recommended Posts

First off I'm suprised that no-one have suggested this yet and I think it really needs to be made for GTAV.




As most of you probably know GTA:SA had a multiplayer mod made for it named SA:MP which adds a whole new world of mutiplayer modding/scripting and I really want that to be brought over to GTA V.

The main points in this mod would be:


- A laucher with serverlist

- Custom usernames

- Dedicated servers

- Fully scriptable/Plugin enabled servers

And more...


This is one of those mods that really extends the interest for playing a certain game for years after its release, as we see with samp being very popular to this day.

I know this is a very extensive mod to make and will take some effort but in the end it would be a awesome experience.


I would really want to participate in a group to create this mod if any of you are interested and since I know quite a bit about programming. The downside is that I've never made a mod for any GTA, though I do not see that as a too big of a problem since I can easily learn and do understand the basic purpose of scripthook and it's functions. I will be doing some tests with modding and expect to be familiar with GTA V modding environment at least.

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Personal vehicles are marked on the map, but Franklin's bike is an exception. Could this be rectified with a mod?


Also would it be possible to allow for ragdolling while holding a two-handed weapon? In IV, if you got run over while holding a rifle, Niko would continue to hold it, and fire if you pressed the button. In V, the gun just disappears.

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I suggest a mod that disable the health regenerator system completly, to bring more intensity to gunfights. So the only way to heal will be using medpacks.

(you can also do a mod that do the opposite : to always active the health regen for those who prefer to play more arcade)


A functional PIP car mod for the fps view in the cars that actually works reflecting other vehicles (that's maybe too difficult to do, but will be great!)


More realistic damages to engines and player's health in car accidents.

Edited by alteredbeast
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make a chop shop SA/GTA IV style mod for LSC so the protags can sell stolen vehicles in SP. Why can't you sell the cars you jack in SP FFS??? I could understand why this might be an issue in GTAO. But SP is YOUR game and the money you make doesn't affect other players or bankrupt the game economy.


Having a chop shop mod would work really well for Franklin's story line IMO. Especially since his special talent is driving and he starts out the poorest (not counting the $500k bonus you get from buying the PC version). This doesn't have to happen at LSC as the coding there might be a bit tricky. But could you add a mission style marker somewhere nearby and let you drive the stolen vehicle into it? Then the vehicle would disappear and your bank account would be credited the amount of money


Make this so that you can steal a wide variety of land vehicles like 18 wheeler rigs, tractors etc. Also watercraft (add a mission marker at the MW docks for boats and seaplanes like the Dodo) and airplanes (add the marker to LSIA, Sandy Shores and that small airport in the Prison Heist setup mission)

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Adding: it's nice to see N. Yankton is now available for vacation. :cool:


icing on the cake: adding missions to this under-utilized map. Much the same way CJ could visit LC for that mafia mission back in SA


also adding random spawn collectibles to the underwater map areas as well.

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Would like to see a simple mod that use "TASK_VEHICLE_DRIVE_WANDER" native.




Edited by funmw2
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Something we really need is a more flexible video editor/recording system.


We should be able to record our deaths, quick-time events (ie: getting in/out of bed, watching TV, drinking whiskey, etc), and most of all, we need to be able to see our character's mouth movement from voice chat during playback (or better yet, we need to be able to talk during playback and have the movement show up on the fly). It's extremely limiting to not have such basic capabilities, and it makes it next to impossible to get certain shots that should really be straightforward.


And on that note, I don't know if it's possible, but finer control over facial expressions would really be great to have.


I don't know if these things can be done with basic scripts, but I hope they'll be doable once OpenIV cracks the game's encryption.

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Agreed with that. Not being able to record deaths is mind boggling when IV let us do it.


Also it'd be great to remove the pointless forced outfit changes in missions, like Michael always wearing the leather jacket in the last mission, or Trevor always wearing the red t-shirt during Three's Company.

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- A possibility to install every horn in the game. For example, there are a few kinds of truck horns, yet we can install only one tone in LSC.

- Flashing police-car-like rear lights to install in LSC. There was a video from PS3 with Adder flashing its rear lights and emitting a siren.

- Vehicle saver a la IV Simple Native Trainer.

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Can someone make a mod or script that increases motorcycle rotation speed or something ? I'd like to be able to do frontflips and double backflips easier.

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I'd really love it if someone with smarts about GTA V scripthook could get me the ability to set a "speed of time change" for time of day. It'd make for some really awesome editor videos and, let's face it, it's GOTTA be a super easy thing to mess with. Right?

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Hi guys. First of all I'm glad that GTAV script mods are finally possible and thanks to everyone who's working on them, really guys, you're awesome.

Now here's the list of features I would love to see.


Fuel mod

AngryAmoeba's-like mods for V:


Arrest warrant (with tickets for 1star)

Deadly wrecks

Weapon weight


Manual transmission.

Engine blowout

Car repair (with hood opening)

Less overtaking

Drivers with locked doors

No health recovery, bleeding + simple bandaging system


Maybe something a lot serious like "Big City Life" by DonSalami and Interactivity Mod by Odiomoratti

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Angry peds? Code's already there when you spawn bodyguards and you attack them.


It'll be cool to see it in the world AND have a police response that deals with the angry peds.

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Are there yet any ways of overriding the limitations set if you switch to First Person Mode while recording?

I recorded a couple clips, one was during a story mission where I stayed in 3rd person and another I accidentally switched to 1st person while playing. Unfortunately the editor won't allow editing of the camera angles for the entirety of both clips.

Has anyone yet found a way to circumvent this limitation?

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Just hoping someone can bring together the position character trainer, North yankton, face and details trainer and load aircraft carrier all into one trainer :)

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Little Red Nurgling

I'm assuming no one has found natives to freeze the weather and the player's wanted level yet.

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I'd like to see a mod that unlocks the Stock Car Races for non-returning players. As you know, that content is only available for players who previously played the 360 / PS3 versions.

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SMOG removal,or a tool to adjust it's value.

Edited by _MK_
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Made a thread asking this, but it was locked and I was linked this one. So, my question: Is there any possible modification to allow you to play with your GTA Online character in singleplayer?

That would be particularly useful for people with crappy PCs (much like myself), who will be already struggling with playing SP and probably won't last much in GTAO before being automatically disconnected from the intolerable lag. Also, it must be nice to explore the far livelier SP world with your own character.

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I'd really like someone to make an airbrake mod or one to add on to Blade's trainer. Really would like to use this tool to explore the UFO's without being repelled.

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The "Ultimate Camera Control" Mod would be awesome! Like the GTA IV version. I think it should be possible with Scripthook

I hate to use the editor for decent screens... :facedesk:

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If model replacing becomes a possibility, it'd be great to see a replacement for the Blitz Play boiler suits so they look more like the ones in Heat, with the vests on top and gloves. And maybe even a Neil McCauley-style suit.




Edited by Jax765
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This is from my google doc I made a while ago, it probably has some of the same stuff people suggested. I'll probably go through other people's suggestions and add to the google doc and make it public if anyone wants that.

GTA Mod Ideas

Flood mod - set water level or gradually rising water level, find hardware to survive before the city goes under

No water mod - explore the sea bed without the fog

Carmageddon, classic recreation - AI drivers have insane speed and handling (Toggle on and off)

Zombie mod - limited & realistic ammo, survivors, special infected, limited vehicles, gets harder at night, infection stages, become zombie

Spec Ops The Line style desert overhaul - limited vehicles, sand dunes, sand storms, gangs/terrorists - like the IV mod ofc

Police mod - tougher response, 5 star army, AI controlled jets, helicopters to buzzards, better weaponry

Merryweather mercenaries - Merryweather are pissed at you and constantly send everything at you. Buzzards, Jeeps, Tanks, Commando Units e.c.t. Basically the police mod, Merryweather themed. And always on (toggle off button for pussies)

More destructables - more terrain and building destruction, physics

First person alternative - camera stuck to eyes of character, head hidden - like the original mod for x360

Post-apocalyptica - no power, animals everywhere, plants overgrown, minimal people (survivors, shoot-on-sight raiders), limited fuel (coincides with fuel mod), limited cars - mainly offroads

Ideas for "Fixing" the game

Director’s Mode:

  • More cheats, or access to the tilde cheat menu

  • Access to all vehicles/better access to story mode vehicles

  • Ability to control multiple actors via character select wheel, up to 3 actors controlled, ability to control actions, control follower state (e.g. get in own vehicle to follow, get into same vehicle, don’t follow e.c.t)

  • Ability to position random actors, control actions e.c.t

  • More abilities for controlled character (do random things: blowtorch action, be on the phone, hold stuff, eat stuff, dance, sit on edge, lie down e.c.t)

  • Control over weapons wheel - customize weapons how you want

Edited by Furente7
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