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GTAO Street Illegals Update (Concept)


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Well then seeing all the concept threads around here has inspired me to make my own, and Ill be honest, doing this is one of the main reasons I joined in first place.

GTA Online Street Illegals Update
You there! Rich person who insists in driving slower cars and making them faster, instead of buying an actual performance car. Are you willing to throw down huge wads of money to make your hunk of sh*t go anywhere fast? Do you wanna see your home grown rides tear those big boys apart? WELL TOUGH LUCK, cause other rich people are just as willing to throw huge amounts of cash for their better cars!


Of course, we here in Los Santos Customs just heard of new shipments of fast, less than legal cars inbound, and along with super illegal parts. Mmm, got you intrested?


Also we got some new stock for brand new custom parts for all makes and models, from your lowly Dinka to that Infernus of yours that has been collecting dust since Pegassi decide to run it into obselecense. After the last two updates filled the game chock full with stuff that makes you look like a rich tasteless assh*le, you can now look like a poor tasteless moron!


New gameplay changes



-Added contact missions in aquiring said exclusive parts

-Added customization options for cars that are sorely lacking in them, to both DLC and standard game cars.

-Patched a few vehicles that are extremely underpowered in their class to competetiveness.

-Increased vehicle top speed for more intense street races.

-Increased mechanic fee

-Mechanic timer has been removed

-Reduced LSC parts prices by 10%

-Added tire options to increase traction for those who do not wish to put spoilers on their cars. Of course mounting both would increase the most traction but mounting both will not give as much as increase as mounting one.

-Tire options include sports, slicks, and offroad. Sports tires give increased grip in road conditions, and less in dirt. Slick tires give even more grip on road, and even less in dirt, but no grip in wet conditons. Offroad tires soak up bumps better and give offroad traction but give no grip on road.

-Traction multiplier offroad has been significantly reduced, to encourage usage of actual off-roaders to offroad. Of course supercars fitted with non-offroad tires are still more than capable of doing so, just a bit harder.

-AWD cars are made to understeer more.

-RWD cars wheelspin more off the line, but less with perfect start.

-Ammo cost has been increased, but weapon decreased.

-Ability for assisted aim to lock on to NPCs in vehicles as passenger or on foot.

-Race payouts have been increased, but RP gains decreased.

-Ability for crew logos to be removed

-Ability to put crew logos as little window stickers on the bottom right of the windshield

-Ability for crews to make crew banners which can be placed as a sunstrip decal

-Mechanic radius decreased significantly

-The Marquis now drifts away randomly with the wind direction

-The Annihilator gets explosive rounds and increased toughness

-Idle time in missions decreased to 5 miniutes unless riding in a vehicle

-Timing out in sessions lands you to an invite only lobby so you can begin playing ASAP.

-Impromptu race payouts quadrupled from player bets.

-Ability to increase size of checkpoint corona in races.

-Added KERS to some vehicles and can be used in a race, and can be disabled in race options by host. KERS can be bought for the Turismo R, Voltic, Zentorno, Surge, Dilletante, and Jester

-Added Scramble Boost to the rest, unlike KERS, scramble boost uses a timer delay between boosts. The system IRL works by increasing boost pressure higher than standard level, and is usually timed to prevent engine damage. Slower accelerating cars have their bars fill faster. Scramble Boost is fitted by default when buying the special turbo upgrade.





Cars Added (2-4 for the most popular classes)






Pfister Ultranova

-Exterior: Headlamps and front fascia of a Carrera GT, mixed with RUF CTR3, RUF CTR3 body and engine cover, Carrera GT midsection, and 918 rear end

-Performance: Extremely touchy handling, but superior traction means it can corner faster than anything else on the road. Drives like the Comet, but unlike the comet which spins when the driver is being excessive with the steering, this one fishtails. Acceleration and Top Speed are nothing special, just ahead of the patched Bullet in top speed but slower in acceleration.

"Pfister's attempt at salvaging their R&D for a Formula Racing programme that fell through. Make no mistake, this is a tarted up race car with all the civility of one. Like any Pfister, it especially loves preying on much beloved Vinewood stars and starlets who think its a good idea to go fast in a renowned widowmaker."

-Usual stuff, plus a Mirage GT style wing, and 918 RSR spoiler. Secondary color similar the 918 RSR's stripes.

-IRL pics for reference: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/65/Porsche_Carrera_GT_-_Goodwood_Breakfast_Club_%28July_2008%29.jpg



-Price: 520,000 at Legendarymotorsport.net


Invetero Veloci

-Exterior: Headlamps and front fascia of a Corvette Zora render by C&D. Bumpers similar to a Saleen S7. Body and Midsection of a Corvette Zora with S7 side vent, and rear window section similar to Gallardo. Tail-end of a Hennesey Venom with GTA IV style Coquette taillamps.

-Performance: Acceleration powerful enough to match a Voltic, if it didn't spin its wheels so much. It will catch any supercar on a straight, having a top speed just under the Adder. High downforce means the car can make quick work of high speed courses, but low speed corners, it spins its wheels excessively especially with poor throttle control. For the advanced driver who thinks the Zentorno or Osiris is too easy.

"If you think dumping 800 grand on a car which panels rattles and shakes at 200mph and built by a shady old man who thinks slapping VIN numbers on used race car chassis to sell to public makes perfect business sense, look no further. Continuing the American tradition of building in your face, brash, extremely powerful world beaters with no regard to build quality whatsoever.

-Price 800,000 at Legendarymotorsport.net

-The usual modifications, front splitters, canrads, a Venom style spoiler, and a GT wing.

IRL pictures for reference: http://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2017-Chevrolet-Corvette-artist-s-rendering-209.jpg









Maibatsu ZR-420

-Exterior: Headlamps of a 3rd facelift 3000GT mixed with the MKIV Supra. Front bumper similar to the RE-A AD-GT kit with Supra indicators. Body of a 3rd gen Mazda RX7, with a 3000GT style side scoop. Taillamps of 2nd gen 3000GT with FD RX7 rear bumper.

-Performance: Excellent traction and agility, capable of even outcornering an Elegy. Acceleration is poor however, drivers absolutely need to put all mods possible to ensure maximum competetiveness. Braking is nothing special, while top speed is decent.

"A robust powerplant and finely balanced chassis underneath a beautifully sculpted body matched with horribly inadequate cooling components and electronics that simply refuse to work make this a candidate for the most British Japanese car of all time."

-Price 80,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

-Modifications include the usual front splliter and canrads, with a fender kit that makes it look like the RE-A AD-GT kit, with spoilers resembling the 99-spec RX7, the 3rd facelift 3000GT, and a GT wing. Hoods resembling the AD9 hood are available in both carbon and painted.

-Keeping with the theme, the car is RHD.

-IRL pics for reference:http://re-amemiya.co.jp/gallery/fd3s/fd_oosato_go/all.jpg




Annis Elegy HR3

-Exterior: Headlamps of a R34, front bumper of the Tommykaira R34, general body shape of an R33 with R34 style fenders, single light variant of the iconic GTR taillamps with a R33 style reverse lights. Rear bumper of a R34 with no diffuser.

-Performance: AWD ensures excellent acceleration from launch and high power ensures that this car isn't blown past at high speeds. Handling is odd, with the car being able to turn in sharply and slide through, while the AWD system prevents the car from spinning out at the cost of heavy speed loss if using improper technique. Braking is much better than seen to the RH8, but all things considered the car is still under it in terms of performance.

-Price is 120,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

"Mediocre performance car that everyone fawns about because it appeared in some movie for about 3 minuites before never being seen again. The Feds especially love confiscating these cars from persistent and shady owners who can't seem to understand that the car is not OK'd by the DOT, so here's a legalized one for 3X the price it was new."

-Modifications include the Tommykaira style lower lip and canrad and exposed intercooler. Hoods similar to Z-tune. Fenders similar to the URAS kit. Rear diffusers include the R34 style, in paint or carbon, or with tow hook. Spoilers include the 32, 33, and Tommykaira.

-Seen a LHD 34 before? Neither have I. Actually yes, in TDU, but shhh.

-IRL pics for reference:http://www.gtrnissanskyline.com/images/2001-tommy-kaira-lg.jpg



Emperor Excellence

-Exterior: Headlamps of a Soarer without the iconic inner headlamp. Front bumper of the TRD 3000GT kit without the indicators. General body shape of the MKIV Supra with an RX7 style front fender vent. Taillamps and rear bumper of the Veilside 4509 Supra .

-Performance: The engine is especially powerful, allowing a high top speed and good acceleration on par with that of a Comet. However the car is quite heavy and corners similarly to a Massacro except much worse and if you're not careful that understeer turns into oversteer. Braking is excellent however.

-Price is 95,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

"The Japanese take on the American muscle car. Well proportioned design, a motor from one of their more overpowered sedans, with bland interior and whose only regard to handling is to strap on expensive tires. The company brags that they have actively attempted to reduce the cars weight but don't be fooled, it weighs similarly to a washed up celebrity.

-Modifications include a Bomex style hood and an AbFlug style one. Spoilers include an Abflug style ducktail, a TRD 3000GT spoiler, and a GT Wing. Front bumper gets canrads, and rears get diffusers.

-IRL pics for reference:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b9/Toyota_Soarer_30_012.JPG




Grotti Scarafaggio

-Exterior:Headlamps of a Honda NSX facelift with an F50 style front bumper with larger side vents and indicators inside the vents. Body shape of the F355 with a Gallardo style side vent and no window partition past the B-pillar. Single unit taillamps with a Scuderia style rear bumper.

-Performance: The car is lacking clearly on acceleration, with marvelous braking and dynamics as well as a respectable top speed. Unlike the ZR-420, the car is more slidey and focuses on being a joy to drive, not to say the ZR is a bore.

-Price is 140,000 at legendarymotorsport.net

"What better way for a middle class man to celebrate his mid-life crisis and retirement with a used Grotti sportscar that became irrelevant 10 years ago? It is still a Grotti through and through, maybe even more so than those that came after it, which meant nothing works really works properly unless regularly serviced by a mechanic that overcharges at every possible turn."

-Modifications include the 355 challenge parts, secondary color similar to 360 Challenge stripe.

-Available in topless form, which will be a draw between topless and coupe until rockstar seperates them in the next update.

-IRL pics for reference: http://carsorder.com/images/ferrari-f355-4613.jpg








Annis Euros

-Exterior: Headlamps of 370Z without the side indicators. Front bumper similar to Nismo 370Z. Bodystyle similar to a G37 with 997 style side vents. Rear lights of the 991 Porsche with 350Z reverse lights and Nismo 370Z style rear bumper.

-Performance: Strong acceleration, sluggish and numb handling but rather controllable, poor braking, and good top speed.

-Price is 50,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

"Prime choice for boulevard cruising or looking poorer than other old men in the golf club. Despite styled to appeal to the younger generation, the company cannot seem to understand that youngsters are poor and that old man image is never going to go away.

-Modifications include the usual flares, 350Z nismo style wing, Nismo 370Z wing, and the DTM wing of the Feltzer. Ings hood and Veilside hood available in both carbon and painted.

-IRL pics for reference:http://www.nissanusa.com/content/dam/nissan/vehicles/2016/370z-coupe/features-nismo/2016-nissan-370z-nismo-pearl-white-side-view.jpg




Albany Presidente R

-Exterior: Headlamps of the Nissan GTR with previous gen CTSV bumper. Body similar to ATSV coupe. Taillamps of a Chevrolet SS with a C6 style exhaust placement.

-Performance: Powerful acceleration, excellent traction, good top speed. A solid performer in all respects, but it doesn't get any of the special upgrades this update provides.

-Price is 130,000 at legendarymotorsport.net

"Albany's attempt at recapturing their lost class and reputation after many many years of selling tarted up Declasse models as their own. Well this one is built on a Declasse frame with Declasse parts.. You know what its pretty much a tarted up Declasse again. At least its a looker with enough power to absolutely muller those snobby Germans, who are also selling tarted up base models."

-Modifications include the exaggerated flares of the D3 CTSV kit and a ducktail spoiler.

IRL pics for reference:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Nissan_GT-R_01.JPG










Annis Euros Classic

-Exterior: Front end and body shape of a 240Z, with 2000GT taillamps and rear window section and exhaust placement.

-Performance: Very slow without upgrades, but responsive and agile handling. Upgrades add alot of acceleration to this car, enough to make it competetive when all are added.

-Price is 110,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

"The definitive baby boomer car. Like anything from that era, it looked sharp, was cheap for the masses, extremely slow, and had none of the rustproofing. The classic lines and the cars iconic status makes it a favorite for kids to lower and put hideous camber on for internet points.

-Modifications include fender flares, a ducktail spoiler, a front lip and airdam and 240ZG style nose.

-IRL pictures for reference:http://i.imgur.com/5SRRkXf.jpg



Willard Faction Turbo

-Exterior: The Faction from GTA IV returns! With a more agressive body-kit and available exclusively in all-black with special mesh wheels.

-Performance: Fast accelerating, quite bulky but still pleasurable through the corners, if not abit floaty.

-Price is 95,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

"The ultimate sleeper. Almost no one will ever think that suspicously modified looking Faction will have enough of oomph to outrun a Grotti. However by now, everyone who knows their cars can see it from a mile away, so you're not surprising anyone anymore. Instead you are just stuck with the fastest crapcan ever built.

-IRL pictures for reference:http://assets.blog.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2012/01/BuickGNX_700.jpg








Maibatsu Vincent PSK

-Exterior: Headlamps and bodyshape of a BL5 Legacy, front bumper of a Lancer Evo IX, front fender vent from the RX8, taillamps of the GRB Impreza sedan with Lancer Evo IX rear bumper.

-Performance: A vehicle fast enough to challenge the likes of the Sultan and Kuruma, with weaker acceleration than the two but better traction and top speed. This means it is unmatched in sedans, so it does not get the special upgrades the rest of the sedans do.

-Price is 70,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

"With fancy rally derived technology, the Vincent will always be remembered by fans as when Maibatsu was still somewhat relevant in the automotive world before deciding to build eco-friendly cars nobody wants. Also the fact that it was essentially an economy car with a sports car motor sold for premium price.

-Modifications include fender flars, roof diffusers similar to the Evo IX, and Evo IX and STi style spoilers.

-IRL pictures for reference:http://image.nengun.com/catalogue/1024x768/nengun-4303-06-subaru-oem_legacy_b4_bl5.jpg




BF Ausfall

-Exterior: A general mix of the Phaeton and Audi S8, with Audi style DRLs and RS5 style taillamps.

-Performance: An absolute boat of a car, with more power than anything else in its class bar the Super Diamond. Not exactly recommended for races.

"Despite having many luxury car brands under their ownership, BF decided that it will market their most opulent and pointless luxobarge under the BF name. You can guess how well that turned out.

-Price is 180,000 at legendarymotorsport.net

-What do you plan to do to a Phaeton? Rice it up?

-IRL pictures for reference: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d0/VW_Phaeton_20090712_front.JPG









Karin Solar

-Exterior: Front end of a Vellfire mixed with a Nissan Elgrand, body shape of the usual upmarket JDM minivan (mix of Alphard, Elgrand and the sort), with a taillamps from the Toyota Noah.

-Performance: Very very slow accelerating, high tendency to roll over at high speed turns, but who cares, it has sliding doors. Ooh.

"An object of class in 2nd world countries where upper middle class folks want to flaunt off their newfound wealth. And what better way than to do it with a minivan that shares all parts with the stuff they make taxis out of?"

-Price is 85,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

-It has sliding doors. Who needs mods.

-IRL pics for reference: http://s1.paultan.org/image/2014/04/toyota-alphard-malaysia-umw-2.jpg









Principe SM Octavius

-Exterior: Based on the MV Agusta F4, with side pipes instead.

-Performance: The compromise between the Hakuchou, Akuma, and Bati, being a balance with acceleration, speed and handling without excelling in any particular area. Good beginner bike like the Double T.

"If there wasn't enough crotch rockets for the cash strapped speed junkie to kill himself with in Los Santos, here's another one! Never buy a car ever again, cause going fast is surely more important than actually arriving in one piece."

-Priced at 40,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

IRL pics for reference: http://www.mvagusta.com/media/filer_public/cf/94/cf94c88e-5624-444d-a0b1-eb33cf946357/_m802411-racing-.jpg




Sports Classics



Pfister Comet Orca

-Exterior: 930 front end and body-shape with 993 style headlamps. 928 taillights.

-Performance: Like the Comet, but turbo comes standard (you can still buy another at LSC for upgraded acceleration). Weak acceleration until you gun the throttle at turbos kick in and you spin out of control. Decent cornering performance, if you can get it under control.

"Devoid of any air conditioning, traction or sanity, the Comet Orca is the coolest way to fly off a cliff with a bimbo in shotgun. Feel the punch of that turbo as your rear end starts swinging into the nearest lamppost."

-Priced at 220,000 at legendarymotorsport.net

IRL pics for reference: http://img15.deviantart.net/e2ea/i/2013/001/0/b/porsche_930_turbo_by_stephen_coelho-d4ejb8y.jpg



-Can be fitted with wangan style fog lamp bumpers, or group A ones, agressive rwb style flares, a whaletail spoiler or 993 GT2 style spoiler.


Vapid Micino

-Exterior: Front end of a Mangusta, body shape of a Pantera with Countach side vents and intakes. Mark I GT40 style rear.

-Performance: Slow acceleration, but excellent top speed with decent traction around the corners.

"American power with Italian design. What could go wrong? Apparently the Italians are still capable of turning the robust Vapid motor into an overheating mess that wouldn't start, owners recommend shooting it to get it running. Does it work? Not really.

-Priced at 320,000 at legendarymotorsport.net

-Can be modded with a variety of Group A style front spoiler kits, aggresive flares, and a large group A style wing as well as a more street oriented duck tail.

IRL pics for reference







Bollokan Youngster

-Exterior: Based mostly off the Hyundai Veloester with Toyota 86 front lights and bumper and taillamps. The car features only one door so in order for two people to get in one must scooch over to the passenger seat before the driver can enter.

-Performance: Peppy engine with quite the punch, but an understeering mess.

"To appeal to a new generation of buyers, Bollokan decided to name their new radically styled compact.. wait for it... the Youngster. Cring worthy name aside, the car's one-door design gives it 5 seconds of coolness before you realize the impracticalities of it."

-Priced at 30,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

-IRL pics for reference:http://kleberly.com/data_images/wallpapers/8/279910-hyundai-veloster.jpg


-Comes with tacky splitters and stickerbombs that you never put cause the people at the rate the car above you thread don't like that sort of stuff. In all fairness anyone with a modicum of taste shouldn't. Also comes with a huge rally wing.


BF Club Sport

-Exterior: Based off the MK VII Golf R's body, with MK VI GTi front bumper and a modernized MKIV Golf taillamps.

-Performance: Powerful engine with solid handling. Best compact by a long shot, but then again others get upgrades this doesn't....

"The number one choice for yuppies wanting a performance car that comes with its own air of elitism, while still being beaten by 10 year old actual sports cars in every way possible."

-Priced at 60,000 at southernsanandreassuperautos.com

-IRL pics for reference: http://cdn2.autoexpress.co.uk/sites/autoexpressuk/files/volkswagen-golf-mk7-1.jpg








Changes made to LSC parts (universal parts)



-Now then anyone knows that the race classes in this game are horribly balanced, and everyone calls for a rebalance, by moving cars and whatnot. But rather than that, why not make them faster, because really they don't belong anywhere else. Well a few egregious examples will be moved, but the rest stay.

-Most of these are mentioned in that huged gameplay changes thing up there.

-New performance tires options are added, these allow you to increase grip and traction without mounting a spoiler, as to not force you to put stuff you don't want, and rebalance the cars that don't get one. But in this update all cars will get a spoiler option.

-There are sports tires, which offer a grip increase of 1. Let's take the grip increase done by adding a spoiler as 1. In rain it reduces the grip by 0.2, and off-road by 0.6.

-Then there are semi-slicks which offer a grip increase of 1.3. In rain it reduces grip by 0.7, and off road by 0.8.

-Offroad tires are available which reduces pavement grip by 0.4, but increases off-road grip by 1.2

-Traction increase by mounting spoilers have been significantly decreased.

-A stage 2 turbo tuning kit is added. This allows for a very large increase in power and available for all cars deemed uncompetetive in the class.

-EMS levels are changed to engine upgrade stages, with little descriptions accompanying them, as to give a more realistic tuning experience. One is also added for all cars deemed uncompetetive.

For example:

Engine stage 1: Cold air intake and Performance chip

Engine stage 2: Package of engine stage 1+performance exhaust

Engine stage 3: Package of engine stage 2+race headers

Engine stage 4: Package of engine stage 3+standalone engine management kit

Engine stage 5: Package of engine stage 4+race cams and compression

Of course it will be different when it comes to cars like the Voltic.

-All cars regardless of performance gets the engine balancing upgrade which improves acceleration the same magnitude as engine stage 3. This makes the cars have throatier and louder engine sounds as well as completely changing them for some.

-Transmission has the same done to it, although effects remain the same unrealistic it may be.

Street trans: Light flywheel and short throw shifter

Track trans: Package of street trans+performance clutch

Performance trans: Package of track trans + carbon driveshaft

Competetition trans: Package of performance trans + triple plate clutch

SPECIAL UPGRADE: unlocked by completing all the new LSC contact missions: Full race sequantial transmission. Can only be added to a car having all transmissions upgrades. Adds a loud transmission whine to the car as well as increase acceleration and top speed.

-Suspension upgrades add stiff sway bars at competetition level to reduce body roll. Suspension can now have race, normal or soft presets. Race preset allows it to soak up minor curb bumps better while offering more responsive steering at the cost of bottom out in jumps. Soft presets make the car roll more and oversteer, but can soak hard jumps better.

-New wheels available:

Inno Endo: Endo wheels with mild dish and Inno Endo writings on them that have secondary colors. Sports wheels.


Slim 6: RG2 style wheels Sports wheels.


Devolve Mega: Yokohama Super Advans but in Sports wheels.


CP Guy: CR Kais with 12 spokes instead of 5. Doubles as an Enkei GTC01 knock-off.


Blackfire: Rays 57 Accelerate wheels. High end. Has secondary color for inner spokes.


Highway Star: Multipiece 5 spoke deep dish wheels similar to the Racinghart CX. High end wheels.


-Added scissor door options if you're still stuck in 2001.

-Turbo stage 2 added for an additional 40,000. Must buy Turbo tuning first. Adds scramble boost option.

-Adds descriptions to turbo upgrades.

Turbo tuning stage 1:Mid-range Turbo kit with air-to-air intercooler and custom blow off valve.

Turbo tuning stage 2:Large Turbo kit with spray intercooler and custom boost controller

Turbo upgrades give a supercharger whine on some cars particularly big V8 American and European cars.

-You can now pay extra for neons to pulse. Ohh look at that its on and its off. Totally worth your monthly salary.

-A 100,000 option available for neons to pulse in 10 different colors, to turn your car into a mobile nightclub.

-Colored headlight beams available if you want to look as crass as possible.










This is not complete in any way, and will be continously updated. Feedback on the cars completed would be appreciated.

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Nice concept & all, but I think Euros Classic would have ended up better as a Sports Classic car instead of a Muscle car. For compacts, I suggest adding a BF Club, a parody of VW Golf MK3 & a Dinka Interna, a parody of Honda S2000, named after Angel's car in Midnight Club II. And I think you should add a streetfighter version of NRG 900, named Sh*tzu Yaoi. Like HipsterHillbilly said, this concept needs to have a picture of the car that they are based on, so that people would understand what the cars look like.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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This really looks good and I can see that you really put a lot of effort into it. :) Maybe include a picture of the car that they are based on so you would get an idea on how it would look.


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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Thank you for your feedback, I will add the pictures, or at the very least link them.

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Recently updated again this time with picture links. Don't wanna post pics and over clutter the thread.

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el carlitos

I would welcome this update, I would add the possibility to change the size of your wheels, just +/-2inches, and add a new Bati to the bikes, some kind of Ducati Penigale


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Glad you liked it. I try to give more thought to game balance to try and not make this exclusively a "tuner" dlc, cause we've seen way too many of that sort IMO.

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Now we're getting detailed.


Freedom of choice is what GTA has always been about, what this game is trying to provide, and what this update will hopefully provide.

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