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Replacing opcode: 0A96


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Im current porting some SA pc mods to android, i need know how i do replace this opcode:

0A96: 0@ = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR struct

on the other it easier to work on android.

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You can check swimming sources from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13992625/gta/stuff/mobile/gtavc.android.climbing_and_swimming.zip



0DD0: 6@ = get_label_addr @_ZN6CPools6GetPedEi0DD1: 6@ = get_func_addr_by_cstr_name 6@    ...0DD3: context_set_reg 0 value _PLAYER_ACTOR0DD2: context_call_func 6@0DD4: 0@ = context_get_reg 0 // 0@ - CPed
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