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Crashing PS3 only on heist lobby screen


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As the title says, I know GTA:O generally isn't the most stable game ever but and I've only noticed this recently,


When the heists first came out I don't think I had any problems with the game locking up but now id say a good 8/10 times when I'm at the heist lobby screen the PS3 will crash and I have to reset it, Only on heists, Contact missions are fine hell everything else I can load into perfectly fine but heists can I buggery.


Anybody else experiencing the same thing, Even better anybody know of a possible cure besides a stick of dynamite ?

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I know these are generic answers, but it's best to try them out at least. Also, make sure you try these steps one at a time.


1: If you have the disc, make sure it's good.

2: Start the game while offline from PSN.

3: Make sure nothing is wrong with your internet connection.

4: Reinstall the game.

5: Delete all updates and reinstall them.

6: Restore the file system and rebuild database.

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