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The Forbidden Tree

Ferocious Banger

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Ferocious Banger

The whispering winds blowing across the terrain
tell me the woes to which this pertains;
They seldom do speak, 'specially not when in pain,
for they know that there's nothing to gain,
warm cozy poison permeating my veins.

I know about you, and you and you and you;
You try so hard, with all your might to start anew
Sure stay beneath me, for your vision to skew
for me to savour this deja-vu,
for I too took up this rendezvous.

You shall seek peace across the mountains before,
let's but see whether you reach there by four.
You shall chirp about in your soliloquies
I am your lock's rusted keys;
The core of your rusted crease.

I've stood in the haze of this fog
Alone in the wild, fallen from grace
O stranger, please do embrace
They wouldn't even notice a trace
I'm no longer going to persuade;
Now die under the garb of your charade.
You are now the tree that they forbade.


This is what I wrote when I was listening to "I Transpire".

Edited by Ferocious Banger
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I enjoyed reading this. It reminds me of the song Silver Wings, by Thrice. Possibly just the way I read it in my head. :)

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Ferocious Banger

Ha! That's interesting. I'd listened to the song before you mentioned it. Now that I have, I quite like it.

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