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Sandy Shores Roleplay | Chat Thread


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Sandy Shores Roleplay



Recruitment Thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/796844-xbox-one-sandy-shores-roleplay-start-your-journey/



Sheriffs Department:

The sandy shores sheriffs are the best of the best. They have caught and solved every murder in the town. They have responded to all crimes and will serve the community at the best of the best. With their leader Beastorc55 they will make sure that they can bring the best RP ever in all of GTA online. They will make sure that every situation is handled as accuratley as possible.



Fire Department:

This is the most important department ever for fires and medical calls. They will respond anywhere at anytime. They never hesitate for a call and are always ready to respond in seconds. They will make sure that your life isnt lost or hurt. They will not question the calls either. You will see them everywhere and anywhere.


Civilian Department:
This is the most important department for this clan. They create the situations for every other department and make sure they are possible in real life. They are always approved by admins if it involves more then 5 civilians. They never get a free pass on rules or anything else at that matter. They are also the most respected and trained department.



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