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Grand Theft Auto: State of Robada


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Alright, this is an idea I just thought up in my thinker head.





Las Venturas and the surrounding state of Robada in the late 70s.



You play as ANTONIO DORIZIO, a high-ranking member of a powerful mafia in Las Venturas.




The camera pans over the Strip in Las Venturas, showing off some Casinos. The camera then pans to the front of a large mansion, with luxury cars all around the driveway, and a limo out front. We then see a small cutaway of scenes of an Italian man, in his mid-twenties, doing jobs. Such as killing people, stuff you'd see a mobster doing. The camera, cutting back to the mansion, follows the hallways into an office. We see an old man thanking our 'hero' for all the things he's done for the organization. The old man gets up, walks behind Tony, and puts a gun to his head, telling him 'they're done with him'. Tony punches the man, who, while Tony takes the handgun, runs out of another door, escaping. We now have control of Tony.




We hear some yelling in Italian as a large number of mobsters attempt to kill Tony. Using simple GTA mechanics, such as cover and blindfiring, Tony manages to escape the mansion, and take off in a 1978 Ubermacht Sentinel, his destination unknown as of now.







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Welcome to the concept forums, how tough are you?


I like this, but you'll have to add a lot more. :) Pay the GFX dudes a visit and request a logo.

Edited by HipsterHillbilly


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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Niko Montana

This looks good, but you'll need to add a lot more detail to this. I'm also planning a Robada concept.

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