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Creating a heavy vehicle using the heavy NRG/FRC-900/BF-400 codes


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So while messing around with these codes, I had a lot of fun but there was one major issue, where if you have a dynamic collision with something, you fall off the motor bike.



So I wanted to make a CAR have the heavy property since you can't "fall" out of a car. Now I'm not sure if this is possible and this is why I'm posting it here.


The Codes for the heavy vehicles are,




Heavy NRG-500
20693D48 48900000
20693D50 47300000
Heavy FCR-900
20693C68 48900000
20693C70 47300000
Heavy BF-400
20693F08 48900000
20693F10 47300000
I'm not sure if this is for NTSCv2 or V1, but since the code was made by Edison Carter it's probably NTSCv1.
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Lethal Vaccine

Gotta love those Heavy Vehicles. They exist in SA, but the Garages eat the property. They even exist in VC, as well. The only GTA's in which Heavy properties save in the Garages is LCS and VCS. Heavy Vehicles are my favorite and like you said in the OP, even if the Bike is Heavy, you fall off of it and it isn't very fun, but Heavy Cars/Trucks are the best and pack a punch when colliding. They are so fun.

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Gotta love those Heavy Vehicles. They exist in SA, but the Garages eat the property. They even exist in VC, as well. The only GTA's in which Heavy properties save in the Garages is LCS and VCS. Heavy Vehicles are my favorite and like you said in the OP, even if the Bike is Heavy, you fall off of it and it isn't very fun, but Heavy Cars/Trucks are the best and pack a punch when colliding. They are so fun.


Yeah, I'm trying to find a way to make a heavy vehicle. Sadly enough it's been a dead end, though.

I tried reversing the ID's (like the code had the NRG-500's vehicle ID) with another ID, such as the bullet's, but the game crashed during start up.


I also tried using a code that replaces the car in cj's garage (the ganton garage) with a bullet/turismo using a heavy nrg-500 since some properties carried over, such as the color of the bike to the color of the car, but that didn't work either.


It might be in the handling file, maybe.

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Try these codes. They might work for whichever version matches the codes that you posted. What code were you using? Which version do you need?


NTSCv1 RAW (untested)

Heavy CLUB
20692928 48900000
20692930 47300000

20692F48 48900000
20692F50 47300000

20693108 48900000
20693110 47300000

206931E8 48900000
206931F0 47300000

20693568 48900000
20693570 47300000


The Phoenix might be an interesting choice as you seldom need to worry about NPCs using it against you. But for a test code go for something you know you can find.


I don't know much about those original codes. For lack of anything else to go on I figured I check what I could against handling.cfg. The 2nd part of each code is the data to be written to memory. These look like they might be large floating point values. 48900000 = 294912.0 and 47300000 = 45056.0. Get your self an IEEE Floating Point Calculator to work with "floats" - a special way to inaccurately encode numbers with a decimal point value with only 4 bytes.


The first digit of the 1st part of each code line is an instruction to write the data segment as 4 bytes. The trailing digits are the address. So two code lines, each writes a value, skips a field and writes again. Let's ignore the 2nd line and do the math on the first line of the bike codes you listed.



0x693C68 FCR900
0x693D48 NRG500
0x693F08 BF-400


Subtract FCR from NRG and you get 224 (decimal), my estimated length of record. BF-400 minus NRG is 448, like there's another record in between. So I open handling.cfg in a text editor and sure enough, FCR, NRG, HPV and BF-400 are listed in that order. So I extrapolated the pattern down through the list until I had a few heavy vehicle codes you could test. If you need codes for another version or want different vehicle you can work out the math with a spreadsheet.


And again, I'm just guessing based on a few clues. I have no idea what I'm really tampering with, or how the data applies to anything.

Edited by OrionSR
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My version is V2. Do you know how to port? The codes I listed in OP were edison's and 99% V1

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Yes, but I'm not sure of the proper offset for this address range. I'm a bit rusty. What you should do is recreate this process for the code that you have. MaxConvert or OmniConvert can decrypt your working v2 NRG code into raw format and you can do the math from there. I suggest using the hex2dec() and dec2hex() functions of a spreadsheet to do most of the work for you.




I thought these codes sounded familiar. I found my old reference for untested Heavy Bike codes for NTSCv2 and pumped those values through my spreadsheet.


NTSCv2 RAW (untested)


Heavy CLUB
206930A8 48900000
206930B0 47300000

206935F0 47300000
206936C8 48900000
206936D0 47300000

20693888 48900000
20693890 47300000

20693968 48900000
20693970 47300000

20693CE8 48900000
20693CF0 47300000

Edited by OrionSR
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Ah yes, I remember that thread.


Also I tested the pheonix code and it didn't work. Pheonix was as if it was normal.

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Whoops. I definitely messed up on my math. I think I've got it right this time and have corrected my codes above.

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Ahhhh, that one didn't work either. But I noticed a familiar trend.


one, the ar max kept telling me the cheat existed in the database (so i kept converting until it accepted it) but both codes took 4+ changes to get it accepted. I don't think this is the issue, though.


Also, for whatever reason, the Phoenix is really rare. I put in your alpha code just now as well. For the Phoenix,i since it had no real spawn location, I tried using the "Replace car #1 in cj's garage with the Phoenix" and maybe this made the code not work? Well then I tried using the sports cars traffic and the phoenixes that spawned didn't have any "heavy" property. I test it by running it into a street pole and with the NRG code, the pole disintegrates pretty much instead of just being knocked over. Also, you have to put in the deadly vehicles cheat code because the NRG catches on fire from the slightest touch from anything if it isn't all proofed from the heavy property.


Here's the working NRG code, by the way


Raw NTSCv2


Heavy NRG-500

206944C8 48900000

206944D0 47300000
Here it is in AR format in case converting went wrong:



(also can't believe I've been spelling phoenix wrong the whole time)

Edited by Veigar
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Lethal Vaccine

Yes, this is true. As explained in my LCS 100% Save File Topic;


"Heavy vehicles, for instance, will blow up almost immediately after a few collisions with other vehicles. This happens because since the mass is increased on the vehicle, so is the force in which it collides with an object. With greater mass and a larger force, the more damage done to the vehicle. If a Heavy vehicle is NOT converted to DP, it's life is very short until it blows up. But because LCS has the Crusher Glitch to convert the vehicles into DP form, you can convert the Heavy vehicles, which basically makes them the BEST kind of Special Vehicles you want to obtain in LCS. You can collide with other vehicles on the road and at times, they will go flying like bullets, literally."


I wish the DP/FP Rumpo from "Outrider" San Fierro Mission kept it's Heavy Property. Since it's DP, it would of been a very fun Special Vehicle to have to mess around with.


But as explained above, that is why Heavy Vehicles aren't very good, unless converted to DP or AP.

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Would the truck from the mission "Hijack" be considered heavy? Because whenever it touches another vehicle they literally get launched away.

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, it's probably Heavy. So is the AP Fire Truck from End of the Line. Tenpenny driving the Fire Truck can decimate anything in its path and that is why when you run into the Fire Truck using the AP/EC2 Feltzer from EotL, you stop dead in your tracks like you hit a brick wall. It's H/AP before storing it in a Garage, but just AP once the Garage closes on the Vehicle and renews it. Also, one of, if not THE HARDEST one to get in SA.

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Yeah, well. It was a long shot anyway. You might want to try to understand the math involved and double check my work for accuracy, but I really have no idea what I'm messing with here.


Plan - and not a good plan because I'm not too interested, no one else does this sort of thing any more, and I suspect the challenges are beyond your skill level. Get a PS2 emulator running on PC and get a memory dump of your game. Use the working heavy bike codes to identify the area of memory involved and then look for similar structures in PC game memory. Use the available documentation for PC to figure out what the codes are actually doing and make a considered plan for implementing and testing heavy car codes on PC. Then adapt that process into a working PS2 code.

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