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need help about heist.


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need help about heists..

1. how do i chose a heist to play on (from the one i done)?

2. to complete a heist and move to the next one, do i have to finish it as a crew leader? or as a crew is just enough?

i finish all the heist setup and the wet job of prison brake but not as a crew leader, and every time that i go to my op room at the higt-end apartment it shows me the 3 setup under "TODO"..and laster send my an sms saying "continue preson break heist"

please help me, it driving me crazy!

thanks for the helpers!

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1) you have to call Lester, he has the option to order a heist (doesn't know how it's exactly called - non-english player)

But you only can do this if there is no other heist in which you are the leader is active.

2) to end a heist and get a new one, you have to complete it as leader


In your case you have to complete the setups and the finale as leader.


If you call Lester you can cancel your active heist, but you didn't get your money back and you have to complete it to get the later ones.

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As suggested you can select different heist to do but if only you completed all heist I think.

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1. To play a specific heist you need to go to the Heist Room in your High End Apartment and go to the board and it'll list all of the heist and you can choose which one you want to do from there calling Lester gives you a random Heist instead of a specific one.


2. You have to complete all 5 heist as the Leader/Host before they become playable again for you though your apartment.


3. You need to complete the rest of that heist or you can cancel it via Lester but you won't be able to move onto the Humane Lab Raid until you complete Prison Break

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