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Who do you prefer to run around with?


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Running around for random events or gathering collections. Is there a person you prefer to play with? I prefer Franklin.


I kinda feel like Mike has already lived a full life and he needs to be home with his family. Mending fences and fixing relationships. Bonding. Re connecting with his kids.


Trevor needs to be running his business and trying to get things on track. Running them guns and cooking meth.


Frank has nothing else. He lives in an empty apartment. his aunt hates him and his girl is marring someone else. This is what he does. Takes long drives up in the mountains and finds things/people.

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Trevor 24/7.

Only bust out Mike or Frank for their exclusive stuff or encounters Trevor can't do.

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Vendetta ™

Micheal for sure.


He's my favorite protagonist and seems the most "fitting" for cruises around LS.

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Cutter De Blanc

Trevor, generally, although it is difficult to have quiet peaceful moments with him.

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Trevor all the way for me! Not even a second thought!

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Franklin and Chop Chop.

Chop was always meant to be Frank's loyal companion! I think they make a great team and he's all Frank needs!

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