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GTAForums Newbie Guide 2.0


Recommended Posts



This part of the guide will focus primarily on formatting posts - normal text will work for everyday normal posts, but sometimes you have to jazz things up to make your post cleaner and more presentable. Most BBCode is usable without having to type any, via the buttons in the reply box, so the BBCode and its relative button will be shown side-by-side.

Intro to Formatting Posts

The normal reply box you start off with is the rich text editor - you can see changes you make as you do them. To use a feature in the rich text editor, either select the formatting options you want and start typing, or highlight the relevant text and select the options for how you want it to be formatted.

When you toggle into the standard text editor (first button in the table below), you no longer have live updates or access to the formatting buttons - everything has to be written in BBCode. Since the rich text editor is not perfect, sometimes this is the better option.

BBCode is used by surrounding the text you want edited with the relevant BBCode tags - i.e. in the table below, under the BBCode column the text affected is labelled “TEXT”. You can use multiple BBCode tags on a single piece of text, but remember to order the open and closing tags correctly! You can think of it like making one effect by surrounding the text, then adding another effect by surrounding the text and existing BBCode - you layer the tags. For example, to make text bold and italic, you’d use [b][i]TEXT[/i][/b] to get TEXT.

Tips ‘n Tricks
The find+replace feature in other text editors (not the rich text editor because it doesn’t display BBCode tags) can be useful for repeated tags that you want to change, e.g. a list in the form “Object: description” can have the [*]tag replaced with [*][b] and the “:” replaced with “:[/b]” to make ALL the objects bold.

Sometimes, lists will break if the last item has the closing tag on it.

The rich text editor can be very useful sometimes - you don’t have to only use the plain text editor for BBCode, it works just fine in the rich text editor!

If you make a large post with lots of BBCode, it will tend to break even if the BBCode is written correctly. Try not to overdo the BBCode, even in this section I’ve had to use images a few times!

If you’re having troubles with the way BBCode is displaying - which often happens when copy/pasting from elsewhere - there are a few things you can try.


  • Create the structure of what you’re doing before adding any non-BBCode text - if you try to do it all in one go, it can be annoying to fix
  • If you’re nesting BBCode, create one layer completely and make sure it works, then move onto the next layer etc. this is especially useful for lists and tables
  • Make sure the opening and closing tags have matching case - I’ve had problems with the opening tag being in uppercase and the closing tag being in lower case

    Simple Editor Options

    These show the icons in the rich text editor from left to right - note that some of them don’t have an associated BBCode!


    The rich text editor icons are all those at the top - note that when switching to the plain text editor they’re all greyed out, so you have to manually type out the BBCode!
    Also, the button in the bottom left indicates when something you’ve typed has been saved - you can click it to get back whatever was saved. This can be useful if you accidentally close the tab with a long post written!
    [table]IconBBCodeEffecttoggle.pngN/AToggles between rich text editor and plain text editorremove_formatting.pngN/ARemoves all formatting from highlighted textips_bbcode.pngN/ASpecial formatting tools (explained in next section)Font[font=comic sans ms]TEXT[/font]Ain’t that a kick in the headSize[size=2]TEXT[/size]I can also be big!text_color.png[color=#FF00FF]TEXT[/color]colors are in hex codes!emoticons.png:) (as an example) :) Note: icon shows a list of emoticonsmedia.pngN/AAdds mediafind.pngN/AFinds a word or phrase in the reply boxreplace.pngN/AFind and replace a word or phraseundo.pngN/AUndo last actionredo.pngN/ARedo last undocopy.pngN/ACopies selected textpaste.pngN/APastes where you last clickedpaste_plain.pngN/APastes, formatted as plain textpaste_word.pngN/APastes from wordips_options.pngN/ADisplays pasting optionsbold.png[b]TEXT[/b]It’s like raising your voiceitalic.png[i]TEXT[/i]because emphasis is goodunderline.png[u]TEXT[/u]sometimes titles can be underlinedstrike.png[s]TEXT[/s]strikethroughs are good for editing out blunderssubscript.png[sub]TEXT[/sub]subscript, for those special occasionssuperscript.png[sup]TEXT[/sup]superscript: maths and floating tiny textunordered_list.png[list][*]item1[/*][*]item2[/*]


    See “Lists” below this tableordered_list.png[list=1][*]item1[/*][*]item2[/*]


    See “Lists” below this tablelink.png[url=www.gtaforums.com]TEXT[/url]
    unlink.pngN/ARemoves URL from selected textpicture.png[img=IMAGEURL]50px-Rockstar_North_logo.svg.pngcode.png[code]TEXT[/code]
    displays text in plaintext!
    quote.png[quote name=”Tank”]TEXTSee below this table!outdent.png[indent=1]TEXT[/indent]Increases the amount text is indented byindent.pngSame as aboveDecreases amount text is indented byalign_left.pngN/AAligns text to the left of the page; default optionalign_right.png[right]TEXT[/right]

    Aligns text to the right of the page


    Puts text in the center



    Look, I’m not even quoting anyone!

Lists are a great way to display information, such as cars you own, members, or why you think someone is an idiot. They’re relatively easy, so let’s get started!

You say you want a list using the list tags


However, that’s just for a bullet-point list - if you want a numbered list, use this instead


When making each item in a list, you have to surround each item with the tag [*]ITEM[/*]

  • ITEM 1
  • ITEM 2

Which gives you


You can also nest lists, which indents one list inside another. To do this, instead of using the item tags, you use another pair of list tags

  • ITEM 1
    • ITEM 2

Which gives you
Neat, huh?

Special Editor Options

As you saw above, the third option is for special BBCode. This is for formatting with more niche purposes or that is more complex - although as BBCode, most of it is as simple as can be.

[acronym=HOVER TEXT]TEXT[/acronym]
This makes it so that when you hover over the formatted text, the hover text appears.
e.g. GTAF

Background Color
Adds a background to text - use sparingly!
It often just makes a post look ugly, although that’s down to personal taste.

Horizontal Rule
Very simple, adds a line to separate text.

Used for adding imbedded media to posts, however with video simply posting a non-mobile link often suffices.

Links to the specified member, and you can hover over the link for a little info box to pop up.

Post Link
Links to a specific post - to get the number you need (AKA the post ID), go to the post, click the number in the top right, then in the URL it gives you the end part is the post ID.



Ceci n’est pas un post



Hides the text under a spoiler button, either for actual spoilers, hiding text/images to not stretch the page or other uses.

And like most BBCode, you can nest spoilers

although nesting is mostly used for signatures

for people with no imagination

you heard me






Topic Link

Same as the Post Link, but links to a thread instead - the Topic ID is near the start of the thread URL.
Although I advise you don’t link to this one

Creates a twitter link to the user entered - even prepends an @ symbol to save your precious, precious time. Isn’t that nice.


Tables are in their own section because left alone with the other BBCode it will ruthlessly slaughter them, so containment is the best option. Before we cover how table work in raw BBCode, try out this site. It generates the BBCode for you using a far more intuitive interface, saving the hassle of a broken 5x20 table!

Firstly, tables have to be inside the table tag:
When creating a table, you do it row by row using the [tr] tag:
And when creating rows, you do it cell by cell using the [td] tag:
You can also make the cell’s background darker by using [th] instead of , which is intended for table headers but can be used on any cell.

So, as you can see from the table below, you create tables cell by cell from left to right, then top to bottom.

[table]CELL1CELL2CELL3CELL4[/table] However, due to a quirk in the way tables are handled, there will be a large gap if you format it line by line as I did in the BBCode example above - this means when you’re finished making the table, you have to put it all onto one line: I do this by clicking on the very last line of table BBCode, then cycle on the keyboard [home, backspace] until it’s all on one line. This makes it look like this instead:
Note that columns will stretch to fit the largest cell, and also that each row doesn’t need the same amount of columns - meaning you can have a table looking like this:


Table code being broken can be a pain to fix, so I advise writing out all the BBCode for the layout of the table before entering any information - that way, fixing problems is simpler and you don’t have to worry about going through large amounts of text if you try to do it all in one go.

For feedback, changes or additions to this section of the guide, feel free to PM me, @RedDagger, even if just for BBCode help!

Edited by RedDagger
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Search Functions

The forum’s search system is useful for many things - seeing if there’s a topic for what you want before posting one, for a member’s posts, a specific post type etc. it can be accessed via the search bar in the top right, with a little cog that takes you to the Search Form.


Alternatively, just click this link. However, if the search function doesn’t seem to be giving what you need, there’s an alternative further down this section!

Searching the Forums
The first and default option of “Search in Section” is searching the forums. This will search for thread titles and/or the contents of posts in threads, with the default search option searching every thread title and every post.

Find Words

The list of keywords that are used for the search. Words separated by a space are essentially separate search terms - if you want to search for a specific phrase, enclose it in quotes. So

have question

will search for titles/posts including “have” and “question”, but

”have a question”

will only search for titles/posts with the phrase “have a question” in them.

Search in section

What you’re searching for - “Forums” searches for titles/posts, “Members” searches for members, and “Help files” searches the help topics.


”All words” shows results that contain all the search terms, “any words” shows results that contain at least one of the search terms.

“Search title and content” searches for both thread titles and the contents of posts, “only search in titles” searches just for thread titles and “only search in content” only searches the contents of posts.

Find tags

Used in both the modding sections and Crew & Gangs; these allow you to show information at a glance about a topic when viewing the subforum, as well as (in this case) show similar topics. In modding, it indicates either what game the mod's for and if it's a release, or a wip (work in progress). This is shown by having the game, then "released" or "wip", e.g. "sa release". In Crews & Gangs, it shows what platform a crew/gang plays on, whether they're a social-focused gang, and if they're part of the OGA.

Find author

Only display results from a specific member - if it doesn’t match a member who’s posted, no results are given.

Find by date

If you press the little calendar icon date.png next to either search box, you can select the month, year and day of the month as well as the time at the bottom of the pop-up that appears, or press ‘now’ at the bottom to input the date and time presently. If you want to select older/newer years than are shown, select the oldest/newest year you can see, then when you open up the year drop-down again you’ll see the years around that year. The first box is for the earliest the thread/posts can be made and the second is the latest they could be made, so it searches for the time period between the two dates.

Find in forum

Here, you can select where results have to be from, which includes all the indented subforums. If you were to select “The Network”, this would include results from “Announcements”, “GTA Network Support” and “Site Suggestions”, however choosing “Announcements” would only display results from “Announcements”.

Display results

If you choose to display them as posts, the results will show as a list of the specific posts that matched the search criteria. If you choose to display them as a topic list, it will instead display a list of the topics - if you searched for posts, this means it will simply show the topics that contain the matching posts, so this is better when searching for thread titles.

Topics with at least

Self-explanatory: only displays topics that have a minimum of the entered criteria of posts and/or views.

Result sorting

Last update time: sort the results chronologically according to when the last post was made.
Title: sort the results alphabetically according to the thread title.
Replies: sort the results numerically according to the number of replies the thread has.
Views: sort the results numerically according to the number of views the thread has.

Descending will sort the results showing the highest value chosen (titles/views etc.) first and lowest value last, and ascending is the opposite. The later a date is, the higher its value, if sorting by last update time.

Searching for members
This works in a very similar way to searching the forums, although there are less options at your disposal.

Find words

The same deal with keywords/search terms here, however this searches through member names and member’s “About Me” page and sometimes other sections of their profile as well.


All words/any words works the same here, however “Only search in titles” will only search member names, where “Only search in content” only searches member’s “About me” page and other parts of their profile.

Find Author

Shows you if there is someone with the exact name you enter, and displays their profile if there is.

Find by date

Only displays members who created their account in the time frame specified.

Search In

Since the Profile Feed isn’t enabled on GTAF, that selection can be ignored...no, please, just stick to Members okay? No? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. See, look at that mess you’ve made, and please just stop crying, I did warn you.

Members: “last update time” refers to the time the person joined, and “title” will sort the members alphabetically. Ascending/descending are the same as before.

Subforum Filter
At the top of each subforum, there are the ways you can sort the threads, as well as the “custom” option, which allows more control over how the threads are filtered.


You see there three options of how to filter the topics. On the first option, “Show topic type”, we have:

  • All Topics - shows all topics
  • Open - shows all topics that haven’t been locked
  • Hot - only topics that have more than one page, i.e. 30 posts
  • Polls - topics with polls
  • Locked - those locked by a staff member
  • Moved - only topics that have subsequently been moved by a staff member to a different subforum
  • Topics | Started - topics that you’ve started
  • Topics | Replied in - topics that you’ve replied to

Secondly, we have “Sort by”, which gives different options for sorting the topics:

  • Last Post - Sorts the topics by how long ago the last poster posted in that topic
  • Last Poster - Sorts alphabetically by the name of the last poster
  • Topic Title - Depends of the first letter of the topic title. If it's A it's at top if Z at bottom.
  • Topic Starter - Again in alphabetical order depending of user's name.
  • Number of Replies - From 100.000 replies to 0.
  • Number of Views - From 100.000.000 views to 0.
  • Topic Start Date - From 1903 to 2903. Got it, right?

Now, all these things can be listed in two ways.

  • Ascending Order - From A to Z.
  • Descending Order - From Z to A.

The thing with the first letters uses the theory above, but for the dates is something else.
If you choose ascending order, you'll have the topics sorted from the oldest to the newest, if you choose descending the topics will be sorted from the newest to the oldest. I hope you got the idea!

You have still more ways of sorting topics! By time.

  • Today - Topics from the last 24 hours.
  • Last 5 days - Topics sorted from five days ago.
  • Last Week
  • Last 10 days
  • Last 15 days
  • Last 20 days
  • Last 25 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 60 days
  • Last 90 days
  • Show All - All topics ever posted in that sub forum are sorted if you choose this.
  • Since Last Visit - all topics that have had a new post since the last time you visited that subforum.

Finally, the “Remember filters” checkbox, if ticked, will have the topics filtered with that custom filter every time you visit that subforum, but not the res of the site.

After you have finished filling and choosing, you can press “Update Filter” to apply the filter!

Searching GTAForums via Google
That’s right, if for whatever reason GTAF’s search function just isn’t doing it for you, everyone’s favourite search engine can work for you instead. To search GTAF in general, put


at the start of your search and this will only give results that are on GTAF. Want to search a thread via Google? Just put the URL of the thread after “site:” and it will search only in that thread.

site:http://gtaforums.com/topic/715591-have-a-question-v3/ oranges

This will search the “Have a Question V3” topic for posts containing the word “oranges”.

To refine your searches - and Google searches in general - please refer to this guide by Google!

Member Directory

This is where you can find all the GTAForums members ever registered. To get to the member directory, scroll to the bottom of the page, and under “community” it’s the third option down. Alternatively, just click this. Oh boy, that’s a lot of people - at the time of writing, there’s over 31000 pages! To make finding a member easier, click the “More search options” button at the top, and here you get the filter options!

Member name

  • begins with/contains - if the results show names that begin with the search term, or the search term can appear anywhere in the member’s name
  • search box - enter the member’s name, or part of the member’s name, her

Must have a photo allll the way down to steam

  • Woah there, that seems a bit lazy! Well, you see these are just the options people can choose to enter for their profile information. Anywhere you can enter text, it searches for mentions of that search term in the relevant part of their profile - it doesn’t have to be an exact match!

Signature contains

  • If their signature contains the search term. Yes, this includes bbcode, so you can search for all members with bold text in their signature if you like!

Post count is

  • less than/more than - displays members where their post count is lower or higher than the specified amount
  • search box - enter the post count number to be compared to

Join date is

  • before/after - displays members that joined before or after the specified date
  • search box - enter the date to be compared to, click the calendar icon date.png next to the box to choose the date from a calendar

Last post is

  • before/after - displays members that made their last post before or after the specified date
  • search box - enter the date to be compared to, click the calendar icon date.png next to the box to choose the date from a calendar

Last visit is

  • before/after - displays members that last logged in before or after the specified date
  • search box - enter the date to be compared to, click the calendar icon date.png next to the box to choose the date from a calendar

At the bottom of the advanced search box, there’s even more options for refining the filter!


Let's see what you have in the first option:

  • All Members - Shows all members ever registered on GTAForums except Retired Staff & BUSTED!
  • $outh $ide Hoodz - Official Gang.
  • Administrator - GTAForums' administrators.
  • Andolini Mafia Family - Official Gang.
  • Angels of Death MC - Official Gang.
  • Awaiting Authorisation - members that need to verify their email address.
  • Cyclop 9 - Official Gang.
  • DIRTY12 - Official Gang.
  • Facade Corporation - Certified Gang.
  • Feroci - Official Gang.
  • GTA Mods Staff - Led-bys for all the modding subforums
  • GTA Series Staff - Led-bys for all the subforums under GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto
  • GTAF Crew - Certified Gang.
  • Leone Family Mafia - Official Gang
  • Members - The biggest group. All GTAForums normal members are here, including you.
  • Moderators - GTAForums' moderators.
  • New Members - Members with less than 10 posts, have less privileges
  • Support - Would be official Rockstar support accounts.
  • The Connection - Official Gang.
  • The Lost MC - Certified Gang.
  • The Precinct - Official Gang.
  • The Yakuza - Certified Gang.
  • The Yardies - Official Gang.
  • WMCC - Certified Gang.
  • Zaibatsu - Official Gang.

These are all the member groups you can see on the online list.
Now, you can list all these members by three options.

  • Member Name - Members listed with first letters from A to Z.
  • Post count - From 0 posts to 100.000 posts.
  • Join Date - From the oldest GTAForums member to the newest GTAForums member.
  • Profile views - How many times people have viewed their profile, or they've sat there refreshing the page

Now, you can see members from each group in two kinds of order:

  • Ascending Order - From A to Z.
  • Descending Order - From Z to A.

If you list something with date or number of posts, the same thing will happen.
Ascending order - from 0 to 100.000 posts
Descending order - from 100.000 to 0

You have one more option related to the number of members you can see on a page.

  • 10 - Default. (shows the first/last ten members)
  • 20
  • 40
  • 60 - The biggest number of members you can see on a member list page.

You can make what ever combination you want. So, if you search Administrators -> Join Date -> Descending Order - > 10 you'll see on the top of the page, the administrator @Kirsty, as she is the administrator that joined last, in March 5th, 2011.

Miscellaneous Options

At the bottom left of the forum, you see three options - Change Theme, Mark Community Read, and Help.


Change theme - click this and choose a theme; it’ll change the style of the forums. Cool, huh? There may be more themes coming, so keep an eye out!

Mark Community Read - the nuclear option. Marks every forum, every thread, every post, as read. Removes all records of where you were in a thread.

Help - shows a list of help topics related to the forums.

You can see the amount of times people have replied to an individual topic by clicking the "x replies" when viewing threads in a subforum:


This will create a pop-up box that shows who's replied to the topic and how many replies they've made, ordered by replies in a descending order.


You can scroll through this box by moving your mouse into the box and scrolling

For feedback, changes or additions to this section of the guide, feel free to PM me, @RedDagger!

Edited by RedDagger
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User Profile

Like many other forums, all users have their own profiles where they can talk about themselves, contact others, and much more. You cannot view a banned members profile.

Active Stats

  • Total Active Posts: This shows you the number of posts you have added on GTAForums since you registered.
  • Joined: The date you registered on the forum.
  • Currently Viewing: Shows the section/topic you are viewing.


  • Email: Click the envelope icon to send an email to that member.
  • IRC Name: If you frequent IRC channels, you can allow other members to view the username you're using.
  • Xbox / Games For Windows Live Gamertag: If you use Xbox Live, you can write your username here.
  • Playstation Network ID: If you use PSN, you can write your username here.
  • Personal Message (PM): The best way to communicate with another member. If a PM is sent, she/he will receive a pop-up notification.

User Information

  • Birthday: Here, you can post the day, month and year of your birth.
  • Location: Here, you can post the state/city you live in.
  • Country: Here, you can post the name of the country you currently reside in.
  • Interests: Do you have interests other than GTA? Post them here.
  • Gender: Male or Female? If you don’t want to reveal that, choose “Not Telling”.
  • Favorite GTA: Here, you can select your favorite GTA game.
  • Respect List: Here, you can create a list of users that you have respect for on the forums/off the forums.

Posting Details

  • Member Group: For most, they're in the Members group. However, if you're in an Official Gang, you'll be placed in a different group.
  • Member Title: When a member joins, he/she has a default member title. “Player Hater”. You can change it or leave it. If you leave it, it will change automatically when you have a specific number of posts:


  • 0 posts = Player Hater
  • 50 posts = Crackhead
  • 75 posts = Square Civilian
  • 100 posts = Rat
  • 150 posts = Snitch
  • 200 posts = Punk-ass Bitch
  • 250 posts = Mark Chump
  • 300 posts = Trick
  • 350 posts = Peon
  • 400 posts = Prankster
  • 450 posts = Street Cat
  • 500 posts = Thug
  • 600 posts = Hustler
  • 700 posts = Playa
  • 800 posts = Mack Pimp
  • 900 posts = Homeboy
  • 1000 posts = Homie
  • 1200 posts = Li'l G Loc
  • 1400 posts = Foot Soldier
  • 1600 posts = Soldier
  • 2000 posts = Gangsta
  • 3000 posts = Ghetto Star
  • 3500 posts = Big Homie
  • 5000 posts = Boss
  • 7500 posts = OG
  • 10000 posts = High Roller
  • 12000 posts = General
  • 16000 posts = Godfather
  • 25000 posts = King of San Andreas
  • 30000 posts = Spammer
  • 50000 posts = Spammaster




  • Avatar: An small image that shows every time you post, or when someone visits your profile.
  • Member Log: Only you and the staff team can view this. It shows entries from admins or moderators (warnings, group changes).
  • Forum Awards: You can view this section only if you have won an award.


The like system was implemented in the big update in 2013. Users can give and receive likes from other members. You can give likes by clicking the "Like This" option at the end of a post. If you change your mind, and you suddenly don't like the post anymore, you can dislike it, by clicking "Unlike".


Below is the list of the like ranking. Your rank will change at a certain amount of likes.







User Controls

With your profile controls, you can customize your profile, change details, and even edit your password/email. It's very simple to do so.


  • My Profile: Click on this to view your profile
  • My Content: Click on this to view all the threads that you’ve posted and posted in, with a couple of options for changing what you see to the left. “By content type” is left at Forums since that’s what you’re viewing, and “See this member’s” lets you choose threads you’ve created, posts, or both
  • Manage Ignore Prefs: Click on this to view the list of members who’s posts/signatures/messages you are ignoring. If you want to add somebody to the list, start entering their name and a list of members that match that name comes up, so you can click the member’s name instead of typing it out in full. Choose what content of theirs to ignore, and click “Save Changes”. When you ignore someone’s posts, whenever you’d normally see their post there’s instead a message saying “This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by <person you ignored>. View it anyway?”, where if you click “View it anyway” the post appears like normal.


    To remove someone from your ignore list, click “remove” on the right of the row they’re on.
  • New Content: Click this to view new content on the forums. By default, it shows all the threads that have had new posts since you last posted in them that you’ve haven’t viewed yet, however you can change it so that it includes one you’ve viewed within a certain time period under “By time period”
  • My Settings: Click this to view your settings.
    • Profile Settings: Change info shown on your user profile
    • Email & Password: Change your email and/or your password
    • Display Name: Change your display name - can only be done once a year, so make sure you won’t regret any changes you make 2 weeks later!
    • Signature: Edit your signature
    • ’Ignore’ Preferences: Add/remove people to your ignore list, and change what you’re ignoring for people already on the list
    • Notification Options: Change what will give you notifications, including if someone quotes your post, as well as where the notifications go (in forum, email or both)
    • My Notifications: A list of all the notifications you’ve received
  • Content I Follow: Click this to view the topics that you are following.
  • Personal Messenger: Click this to view your messages.
  • Status Updates: This feature is no longer available.


  • Compose new message: The Private Message system. Write the name of the user of whom you'd like to send a message to.
  • Go to Inbox: It will send you to the Inbox. The place where you have all undeleted PMs.
  • My Conversations: If you have unread PM's, you can view a whole list of them.
  • Storage Folders: The default folders (Inbox, Sent Items) cannot be deleted. However, you can create new ones to organize your Inbox neatly.
  • Drafts: If you have typed a message out, and you don’t want to send it at that time, you can save it for later.

Your Profile

  • Edit Profile: This is the place where you can modify your whole profile.
  • Edit Signature: This is the area where you can edit your signature.
  • Edit Avatar Settings: This is the area where you can edit your avatar


  • Change E-Mail: Want to change your e-mail? You'll need to complete a security code, but it’s easy. Similar to how you register.
  • Change Password: Here you can change your password to something easier (or maybe harder) to make it less difficult for you to remember.


Signature and Avatar Rules


The most unique features on GTAForums is the ability to add an avatar and signature. You can use any image from the internet as long as it contains no profanity/nudity, as well as if it fits in the guidelines (editing may be required for it to do so).

Avatar Rules

Your personal avatar can be a maximum size of 100 x 100 px. The file size limit is 300KB - anything larger will be downsized and it will lose quality; this means you can use an image that’s 200 x 200 px as your avatar, but it’ll be resized to 100 x 100 px.

If you’re looking for a fancy avatar, the GFX Requests & Tutorials section is what you’re after, just remember to follow the rules they have there when making a request.

Another popular option, if you have a Rockstar Social Account, is to use one of the many avatars they have available here.
Signature Rules

Your signature is shown below your posts. It can be any image or text (including BBCode) of your choice as long as it fits in with the guidelines. The signature size limit is 500 x 150 px including text, but it could be smaller if you'd like - there also currently isn’t any filesize limit fo signatures, although the old one was 80KB. If your signature is above the size limit, it will appear cut-off to fit the dimension requirement.

Note that the “No Explicit Material” rule applies to signatures and avatars. If you see a potentially rule-breaking signature or avatar, you can go the member’s page and report them at the bottom left of their user page.

Member Log

Your member log keeps track of anything good and bad that you have done on the forums. Group changes are also shown in the form of an entry in your log. No worries, though - only you and the staff team can view your log. You can view your member log by clicking the “Member Log” text under your avatar.

Warnings and temp bans add warning points to your member log, and give an easy way for staff to see the behaviour of a member. Although 1000 points is an automatic ban from the forum software, members generally get manually banned far before that if they’re breaking the rules. Warning points are only taken away in exceptional circumstances, however if you accumulate warning points over a long time that gets taken into account for action staff may take - they don’t just look at the points. (Source 1 & 2)

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The Staff Team

Like every website and forum, GTAForums has a team of staff members. Without them, this place would be a disaster! Staff members may have the ability to delete, move, lock, and ban members, depending on their rank. If you break any of the GTAForums Official Rules, you may be warned by one of these staff members.

Group Badge - admin1.png
The Administrators are the users who have the power to.. well.. do pretty much anything! They own the most powerful rank on the forums and the positions are reserved for only the most respected and helpful users. Their group text color is this very light gold-type of color.



@TankAdministrator@MoonshieldAdministrator@uNiAdministrator@KirstyAdministrator@OtterAdministrator@adamcsAdministrator@fredAdministrator@Suction Testicle ManAdministrator[/table]
Moderator / Mod
Group Badge - mod1.png
This is the second most powerful and honorable staff position. These members are more active with regular members, and try to be on duty when possible. Usually, you may see moderators lock or move topics, give out awards / commendations, and ban members as well. Similar to the Admin group, the Moderators also have a special color. The moderators have a very bright and attracting Blue color

GTA Series Staff
Group Badge - 0ANSFK9.png
The GTA Series Staff moderates all GTA related sub-forums. They are able to lock, move, and pin topics within the Grand Theft Auto section. This is a major change, considering all of the GTA forum leaders were isolated into their own groups. Now, they're all together in one simple group.

[table]@AndyGanteksGTA Series Staff@RedDaggerGTA Series Staff@SektorGTA Series Staff@WildBrick142GTA Series Staff@lil weaselGTA Series Staff@slohburGTA Series Staff@~Tiger~GTA Series Staff[/table]
GTA Mods Staff
Group Badge - 6YOGWoC.gif
GTA Mods Staff members moderate the modding sections. This group of staff handles anything and everything related to the GTA Mods section

[table]@GrampsGTA Mods Staff@JesticGTA Mods Staff@SeemannGTA Mods Staff@SergiuGTA Mods Staff@SilentGTA Mods Staff@spaceeinsteinGTA Mods Staff[/table]
Forum Leaders
Forum are like mini-moderators for a single section - in that section, they can move, remove and edit posts, and pin/lock threads among other things, although any action against a user has to be done via a moderator. Outside their section they're just like any other member, and apart from the GTA Series Staff and GTA Mods Staff, they don't necessarily have a pip - if you want to see who is the leader of a specific section, you can see in the bottom right of the sub-forum, as well as the staff list.

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Official Gang Alliance

In the table below, you will see a list of gangs that are a part of the Official Gang Alliance (OGA). These gangs/groups are special because they have a pip (the image under a members name), access to the OGA forum, a private forum, as well as a specific group for their members on GTAForums. The newer gangs became Official due to a Gang Race.

If you want to join one of these Official Gangs, well, you cant exactly apply. These gangs recruit on their own, and have an invite-only system. Are you interested in one of these gangs? If so, try to hang around in their Social topics, usually located in the Crews & Gangs section, and make yourself known to be a good poster. If youre thinking of PMing the gang leader(s) to get in, ease up bucko - theres something called trying too hard.




Gang Name




dk5L5G7.gif$outh $ide HoodzDecember 1st, 2001hzvBB6J.gifAndolini Mafia FamilyJune 19th, 2002WkcB4Sx.gifFerociSeptember 10th, 2003XoTxHSB.gifLeone Family MafiaFebruary 22nd, 2002yG5Rxrk.gifThe ConnectionJuly 14th, 2003pAafese.gifThe PrecinctSeptember 16th, 2002zpipvg0zp2.gifZaibatsuApril 4th, 2005QaJzDdW.gifThe YardiesMarch 9th, 2008[/table]


There are plenty of different community gangs and groups to choose from. There is a sub forum here on GTAForums dedicated to these gangs, simply named the Crews & Gangs section. If you're looking for a multiplayer based crew, be sure to check the Free Agents / Recruitment Topic out. Not many are official, but there is a great bunch of groups out there. Just because the gang isnt official, doesnt mean your gang is bad!

What are all those topics with those odd names?
Those are gangs! Almost every gang leader has posted in that sub forum his topic with his gang's description. These gangs often have their theme based on some GTA gang or company, but youre free to create a fictional gang/company to base your group off of, or even just something that sounds cool!








Gang Type




Social Club Crew


Academi PMC2nd April 2013@SingingEwe954GamingXBAPMCHustle Bones25th October 2014@Hustle Bones.Social[/td]Mobilized Mercenary Division10th May 2012@Shady C, @enjoithepainGamingPSTMMDQueens of the Damned6th November 2013, @SirPhilMcKrakenSocial/GamingPS, XBPS, XBRoman Bellic Enterprises30th December 2014, Social/GamingPS, XB, PCRBESThe Bianco Crime Famiglia9th January 2011@Mr White0161GamingXBTBCFThe Brotherhood of Steel: LS Chapter24th January 2015@slyolddogSocial/GamingPS, XB, PCBHOSThe Damned10th October 2010@Damned_Hitman, @Commissioner MonkGamingPSDAMNThe Highway Reapers MC29th October 2011@BloodyWarlord, @Sol-SerpentGamingPSREAPThe New World Order3rd June 2014@PuttherGamingPSTNWOThe Sharks23rd January 2015@CiaranSocial/GamingPSJAWSSRS Incorporated26th September 2008@Dr. LaBrat, @aFinnGamingPS, XBSRSIWarriors Of The Night29th June 2012@WOTN FearlessGamingXBWOTN[/table]

Certified Crews & Gangs

A new feature was added very recently, and it's exclusive to the Crews & Gangs section. As you may already know, a new sub-forum was added called "The Safehouse". The Safehouse acts as a private lounge for Certified Crews & Gangs. These certified gangs get a few extra goodies, such as:

  • Having their own member group
  • Being able to have their own group pip/badge
  • As well as being given access to The Safehouse

Now, hold your horses, there - there's a few other things you need to know. In order to become a Certified Gang, you must submit an application to any of the Certified Commission members, where they will process and review the application.

Any group may apply, if interested, but must fit into the specific criteria listed below. Your gang does not need to fit into all of the points listed below, but if your gang somehow does, then it would be considered a plus.

  • A minimum number of active forum members
  • A minimum amount of time active on the forums
  • Amount of members not already in other groups
  • Behaviour and Warn Log history of founding and core group members
  • Winning a Staff vote
  • Winning a Community vote
  • Winning a category in the Annual Awards
  • Dedication to online gaming and GTA
  • Being featured by Rockstar Games

The Certified Commission:

-The Certified Commission is a type of council. In order to maintain sanity and order when it comes to The Safehouse as well as Certified Crews & Gangs, a team was made to evaluate as well as approve of future additions.

Below is a list of current Certified Crews & Gangs. As you can tell, there's a few great groups already involved. More groups will be added soon, so be sure to stick around!

Group BadgeGroup NameFoundedLeadersCyclop 922nd December 2008@Voodoo, @makeshyftcS5wwzH.gifOfficial GTAForums Crew9th May 2012@Phatgordo13zjJvcai.gifThe Lost MC Liberty13th February 2012@ownedbyroninFTCxQnP.gifWestern Motorcycle Company Cruisers15th July 2014@billy-pilgrimqqruhwW.gifFacade Corporation
15th May 2015 ,
XqMYGdE.gifVan Society9th May 2014@Retired Mafia
42w6atU.gifThe Yakuza2nd February 2015@Ermac
PpDb8Dy.gifPaleto Bay Mayor's Office9th April 2015@psymin


mStJONS.gifThe Daily Globe11th August 2016@Pavle, @RedDagger, @Kalvin[/tr][/table]
This acts as a separate system and is not related to the Official Gang Alliance at all. The OGA will remain untouched while this new system gives regular crews & gangs a chance to become recognized, if they fit into most, if not all of the points listed in the criteria. Features and rules are still being introducted as this is being typed up, so you'll have to keep a close eye on this spot, or in the Gang Directory topic in the Crews & Gangs section.

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The Awarding system

Forum awards are given by a mod or an admin, and they show that you’ve contributed greatly to the forums in one way or another - or had people vote for you in the annual awards.

There are two common kinds of award, contribution and helpfulness awards.

Contribution - usually given for creating one or more high-calibre threads; for when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a resource for the community, or even multiple in-depth well-received posts. If you’ve contributed greatly to a single section, the award will say in square brackets what section you contributed to


Helpfulness - given for aiding the staff in one way or another, often for reporting lots of rule-breaking posts over time, or for offering a helpful hand to make running the forum easier.


If you’ve been helping in a specific part of the forum, the award will mention which part of the forum your helped in in square brackets.


When receiving this kind of award, you’ll usually receive a PM from a staff member notifying you that you’ve got the award, and it’ll appear as a star under your name.

Annual Awards

As well as being given out if you’re recognised as a good member, awards are given out every year at the annual Forum Awards. In these, you can receive an award for different things, and for almost every section on the forum.

The annual awards is like a 'race' between different people who have contributed on the forum. Every year, the staff organizes these awards, usually at the beginning of the next year. So, if the awards are about the year 2015, than it will take place in early 2016, and so on. The reason why they do these awards is because they want to give forum awards to people who are voted by other people for being the most/best at something.

These annual awards are not new but got a dramatic turn back in 2007 when the medals were introduced. The annual awards were first organized back in 2003, when the winners won karma stars . All these topics are posted in the Announcements sub forum.

The annual awards start with the nominations topic. Here people post, respecting a template, one or more persons who they nominate to be added in the polls. After some time, usually two weeks, the nominations topic is closed by the staff, and some time later when the polls are ready, the staff announces in a new topic about this. After some time, again about two weeks the polls close, and the winners are announced in a new topic.

Doing these events happen requires a lot of time spent by admins and moderators, so you should respect their work. Usually when someone gives a major help at these, he/she is being rewarded. You know who won these kind of awards looking at someone's medal title 'GTANet Annual Award'.

In the spoiler below, you can see the list of awards, categorized by each section.


Best GTA Topic of 2015
Most Knowledgeable
Most Helpful
Best Event
Best Concept
Best Map


Best New Member
Most Improved Member
Funniest Member
Coolest Member
Most Helpful Member
Most Missed Member


Best General Topic of 2015
Best Poster in General Chat
Best Poster in Gaming
Best Poster in Technology
Best Poster in Programming
Best Poster in Movies & TV
Best Poster in Music
Best Poster in Sports
Best Poster in Vehicles
Best Poster in Debates & Discussion
Most Talented Graphics Artist
Most Talented Writer
Best Story/Poem


Best Official Gang
Best Gang
Best New Gang


Best Led-by
Best Moderator
Best Administrator
Most Corrupt Staff


Biggest Sh*tposter
Biggest Fanboy
Worst Troll
Worst Backseat Mod
Biggest Drama Queen
Edgiest Member of 2015
Most Likely To Be Arrested For Cyber Bullying

Older Forum Awards
Here’s a list of the previous annual awards - there’s always a nomination and voting topic, however once the awards have been given they get hidden. It also appears that the 2006 awards didn’t happen, for some reason.


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The GTA Network

In this part of the guide, well be informing you about the GTA Network. The info contained in the following tables were pasted from the About the Network page, and were updated accordingly..

[table]What is the GTA Network?
The Grand Theft Auto Network (GTA Network, or GTANet) is a network of Grand Theft Auto-related fansites and communities dedicated to the blockbuster series from Rockstar Games and Take 2 Entertainment. Our forums are home to the largest GTA community in the world, bringing together gamers from around the globe. For over a decade, we've been delivering up-to-date, legitimate and concise news and information to gamers through our network of websites. Over the years, we've built a reputation for being one of the most respected and notable networks dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto series. A Brief History of GTANet
Virtually every online community can trace their roots to a modest beginning as a small fan-run website. The GTA Network is no different. We began as a small GTA III website, GrandTheftAuto3.net. As time passed, the popularity of the website began to grow, eventually becoming GTA3.com. GTA3.com then expanded into GTA3Mods, GTA3Files and GTA3Forums. Activity peaked as the launch of GTA III for the PC approached, at which time GTA3.com was receiving a record 20 million visitors per month.
GTANet has continued to push forward in the development of Grand Theft Auto-related websites. So far, all major titles have had their releases covered by the GTA Network, including (but not limited to) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as Grand Theft Auto V. GTAForums.com
The original community message board at forums.grandtheftauto3.net had proved to be a great success when it was first launched, and eventually it embraced its own domain at GTA3Forums.com. As the GTA series stepped beyond GTA III and moved towards Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA3Forums followed suit by dropping the specific reference to GTA III, becoming GTAForums in the process.
Now boasting an impressive count of almost 650,000 users and nearly 13,000,000 posts, GTAForums is currently the largest and most influential Grand Theft Auto community on the internet. Further Network Endeavours
Websites not directly tied to any particular Grand Theft Auto title have also been developed, catering mostly to the thriving PC modification ("modding") community. These websites are mostly community-based in nature, consisting of both a modding reference wiki (GTAModding.com) and a database for Grand Theft Auto modifications (GTAGarage.com).
For a complete listing of GTA Network websites, click here.[/table]

GTA Network Sites
Here you can see a list of all websites part of the GTA Network, as well as a small explanation for each of them.

GTA Communities
  • GTA Network - All important information about the GTA Network, its IRC channels, its history, and more.
  • GTA Forums - The biggest GTA forum on the interwebs - the place you are currently reading this from. ;)
  • GTA Garage - A place where you can share your GTA mods.
  • GTA Modding - This is the GTA Modding Wiki page.
GTA Series
  • GTA V - The website dedicated to the most recent installment of the series, GTA V.
  • GTA Chinatown Wars - This is the GTA Network's website dedicated to GTA Chinatown Wars, released in 2009.
  • GTA IV - A website dedicated to the first GTA in the HD-era, released in 2008.
  • GTA San Andreas - Are you interested in reading more about the arguably biggest PS2 game? If so, then that is the website just for you.
  • GTA Vice - Here you can read about the successor of the first 3D GTA, Vice City as well as its prequel Vice City Stories, released in 2002 and 2006 respectively.
  • GTA III - The network's very own website with lots of info on the first 3D GTA, released in 2001.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I view my profile statistics and information?
A. To view your profile statistics, such as post count, profile views, etc - click on your username in the top right corner of the page, and then proceed to "My Profile".

Q. Am I allowed to ask for game files?
A. GTA Forums / Network is NOT a file sharing community. However, if you are looking for game mods, please visit the GTA Mods section.

Q. Im using Internet Explorer, and...
A. GTAForums / Network does not perform well on Internet Explorer. We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Q. My signature is disabled. Why?
A. You may have exceeded the signature limits. Make sure your image is 500 x 150 or smaller.

Q. I want a nice picture for my signature/avatar. Where can I request one?
A. You can request a signature and or avatar in the GFX Requests & Tutorials sub forum.

Q. I sent a PM to an admin/mod but he/she never answered back. Why?
A. Well, of course, admins and moderators are real people! No automated replies here. Don't worry, though - they'll get back to you ASAP!

Q. Who are those gold and blue users I see on the list?
A. They are the staff members! The gold users are the administrators and the blue users are the moderators.

Q. Why are curse words censored on here? I thought this forum was for mature users.
A. The forum is aimed towards anyone that can handle themselves. Profanity is censored because it violates Google Adsense's Terms of Service.

Q. Who are the 'BUSTED!' members and how can I join them?
A. Don't be so silly! You wouldn't want to join them. "BUSTED!" members are banned from the forums. The banned members have five stars below their name (in reference to Wanted Stars in GTA).

Q. Any idea about the character limit for the Respect List in our profiles?
A. From our last known source, the limit is 80,000 characters.

Q. I see a lot of people having strange member group names, like Zaibatsu, $outh $ide Hoodz.. what are those?
A. These are called Official Gangs. They are apart of the Official Gang Alliance. You must be invited to join one.

Q. Who are Google, Skynet, Yahoo! and Archive.org? I can't see their profiles.
A. These are called bots. You can't access their profiles because 'they' don't have one. Bots are mainly used for search engine indexing.

Q. I see a lot of members having awards in their profiles, can you explain?
A. Yes, awards are given out by admins/mods. You can read more about it in the Awards section

Q. What's the deal with the GTA International section?
A. The GTA International section allows members to discuss the GTA series in their own native language. This will help the forum grow even more, considering it allows diverse members to join in on the fun.

Q. What is the GTA Next subforum?
A. The GTA Next section allows members to discuss and speculate things about the next GTA game.

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In this part of the guide there will be links to many types of helpful topics created around the forum, which will be split into a few different sections. Note: always take a look at pinned threads before posting!

Rules and Guidelines

GTA Network Support


GTAForums Rules - The official rule list for GTAForums members.

GTA Series

GTA IV Mission Help Rules & FAQ - Read these rules before asking for help in the IV section.
GTA SA Mission Help Rules & FAQ - For mission help regarding the San Andreas section.
GTA VC Section Rules - Follow these rules regarding the Vice City section!
GTA III Posting Requirements - Rules regarding the III section.

GTA Online

Event Forum Guidelines - Important rules regarding the Events section.
Crews & Gangs Info - Rules and directory for all groups located in the Crews & Gangs section.
Recruitment Rules & Guidelines - Need help with recruiting for your crew? Read these rules first!

GTA Mods


Official Modification Rules & Guidelines - Every rule you need to know about the GTA Mods section.


Request Guidelines - These rules apply to the GFX Requests & Tutorials section.
Graphics / Visual Arts Rules - Specific set of rules for the Visual Arts section.
Debates & Discussion Rules - Everything you need to know about the D&D section.


Community Based Topics

General Chat

GTAForums Newbie Guide 2.0 - Duh.

GTAForums Q&A - Any questions related to the community or the network can be asked here.

GTANet IRC & Discord - Information regarding the network's IRC and Discord server can be found here.

GTAF-Profiles: Know Your Neighbors - Fill out a basic questionnaire or read other member's posts to get to know them more.

Random Chat v1.1.2b - Title says it all.. discuss anything here and join in on the chatter.

I Have a Confession to Make - Reveal your deepest, darkest secrets here.

Grumpy Old Forumers - Let off your steam here and let us know what you're grumpy about.

The Funny Picture Topic - Share any funny / amusing pics you found on the internet in this topic.

Quotable Notables @ GTAF - Who can forget about such a classic topic? Post any funny, weird, or interesting quotes from anywhere on the forums.

Have a Question? V3 - Post any question you have in this topic. Remember, forum / GTANetwork questions go in the pinned "GTAForums Q&A" topic.



Official "What are you playing now?" thread - Discuss and share thoughts about any games you're playing currently.

The Gaming Chat Cafe - Ask questions, share news, and discuss anything about video games here.

Find, Recommend, or Remember a Game - Can't think of that one game you played 13 years ago? Ask here and see if anyone remembers.

GTAF Gaming Chat Directory 2.0 - Find all of the established topics for any video game or console here.

The Virtual Reality Thread - Join in on the chatter regarding Virtual Reality.

Technology & Programming

Random Technology Questions - Curious about something? Need help? Ask away here and receive help from regulars in the tech subforum.

Tech General Chat - The place to discuss pretty much everything in the world of technology.

Post your Desktop/PC - Showcase your PC here.

Google Android - Chat, troubleshoot, or share news in relation to Android here.

Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile - Anything related to Windows 10 can be posted here.

Random Programming Questions - Similar to the technology topic, but questions are limited to the subject of programming.

Movies & TV


The "What movie is this?" Thread - If you can't quite remember a movie you saw a while back, try your luck by asking about it here.

TV Series General Chat - Chat and discuss anything about any TV show. Remember to be mindful and use spoiler tags when necessary.



The Forum Musicians' Commune - Share your own music creations, ideas, and collaborate with others.

(Active) Dedicated Genre Discussion Topics:

Official Rap and Hip Hop Topic

Official Electronic Music Topic

Official K-Pop Topic

80's Revival: Synthwave/Retrowave/Chillwave/Darkwave/Electro

The Official Metal Topic

Official Hard Rock Topic

Official Disco Topic

The Funktipus - All The Best Funk

Official Jazz Topic

Official Punk Topic

70's Music



Who do you support? - Fill out a chat listing all of the teams your support, or view submissions from other members.

Sport Dedicated Topics:

NFL Discussion

MLB Discussion

NBA Discussion

NHL Discussion

The Footy Desk

NASCAR Discussion

F1 Motorsports Discussion

Universal Wrestling Discussion



Car Talk Topic - Discuss anything about cars, including news, information, etc.

Post a pic of your car here! - Share a photo or two of your irl car here.

Spotted! - The place to post photos of any sweet cars you've come across in person.

Classified Cruisers - If you've come across a rare or interesting vehicle for sale, share it here.

The Motorcycle Topic - Similar to the Car Talk Topic, you can discuss motorcycles here.


Graphics / Visual Arts


Graphic Designer Resources - Find new sources for fonts, textures, and brushes here.

Render Topic - Need something specific cut / rendered out from a photo? This is where you can request and view previously created renders.

The Font Topic - If you need help identifying a font, press your luck here.

Hand Drawing Artists - Share your hand drawn creations here, all art styles welcome.

General GFX Discussion - Ask questions, share comments, and post your work, if you wish.

GTAF Photography Topic - The place for all photography junkies to share work, tips, and comments.


GFX Requests & Tutorials


GFX Tutorial Archive - Find tutorials for all types of projects here.


Writers' Discussion


The Writer's Resource - A plethora of tools, websites, and resources to help writers find what they need.

Writing Basics: Perspective, Tense, Editing and the Eight Point Arc - Title says it all.

The Writer's Room - Designed for writers, new and old, to come together to chat, share ideas, and discuss what they're working on.


Debates & Discussion


A Guide To Punctuation

A Guide To Presenting Arguments



Informative GTA Topics

GTA Online

GTA:Online Help & Support Section - Need help regarding GTA:Online? Ask away here.
GTA:Online Hot Topic Index - Can't find what you're looking for here? Try looking around in this topic.
Heist Walkthrough and Rewards - Your go-to-topic for all GTA:Online Heist info.
The Survival Mode Guide - Need some tips and tricks for the Survival game mode? Check this topic out!
GTA:Online Tips and Tricks - Find everything you need to know about GTA:Online here.
Transferring your GTA:Online Character - Get a new console/PC? Find out how to transfer your GTA:Online character here.



GTA V Help & Support Section - Need help troubleshooting GTA V? Ask away here.
GTA V Official Information - All information about GTA V starting from October 2011.
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Thanks To...

The people who contributed to the guide aren’t just the people who made it! This is meant to be a list of all the users who helped with the project in one way or another, however we didn’t plan ahead on this part so many people will be left uncredited (sorry!), however some people are credited throughout the guide. Here are the rest, in no particular order:

@Miro - for making the original guide that we referred to. Although Miro didn’t actively work on this project, we used their guide as a reference and added new information into it
People on Miro’s list - of course, some of their content is carried over into this guide so they deserve a mention!
@Andreas - put together the GTA Network section, as well as consulting with random bits of forum info
@TJGM - for notifying us about the renovation of the GTA Garage/mods section
@Kirsty - for consultation and posting help
@Matty - for information on the member log
@GTAKid667 - provided, completely knowingly, table examples, and for letting us crash in his subforum to sort this out, also completely knowingly
@PhillBellic - suggesting additions/amendments


There’s been massive changes since Miro’s guide, so of course this guide will need regular updates as well - this section will be used to document the changes made.
-under forum tools, reworded 'tags' and added crews & gangs tagging
-edited a mistake in the Staff portion of the guide where it still mentioned modding staff as "GTAMods Moderators". It has been fixed to say "GTA Mods Staff".
-Certified Gangs are now a thing!
-Lost MC's pip added
-The Led-by's of all the GTA-related sections got merged into a "GTA Series Staff" group, staff section changed
-Added information about the liking system and like ranks.
-Added Facade Corporation to the Certified Gangs List.
-Screwed up tables
-Added The Yardies to the Official Gangs List.
-Fixed tables
-Removed Ryan from moderator list
-Added International section to FAQ
-Updated the user groups in the Member Directory
-Updated the forum awards to match this year's
-Added the Van Society to the list of certified crews (congrats!)
-Linked the 2015 awards thread
-Added Ryan back to the moderator list
-Added that thing where you find out how many times people have replied to a thread
-The Yakuza are now a certified gang (also congrats!)
-Removed GTAKid667 from staff list
-Updated crews & gangs comission
-Added Craig to moderators
-Moved Suction Testicle Man, fred, and adamcs to the Administrator Table in the Staff list
-Removed MyMothersMySister, uzer, illspirit, Ottae, and Deffpony from the Moderator Table in the Staff List
-Removed the Inactive Staff section, all members previously listed there have been moved into their OGA groups respectively
-Added PBMO to the certified gangs list (congrats!)
-Removed AoD and D12 (congr wait no)
-Added PatrickW to the Moderator table
-Added Pat & AndyGanteks to the GTA Series Staff table
-Removed Ciaran from the GTA Series Staff table
-Added information about the GTA Next subforum under FAQ
-updated van society pip and name
-removed Ryan and updated TheOtherRyan
-removed Andreas from the GTA Series Staff table

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Or rather, from the people who wrote the guide.

- I want to just say that I hope you enjoyed looking through our new guide. It took a bit of work and I have to say it was pretty worth it to see the entire thing posted on the forums. As far as I know, this guide will be updated accordingly, especially since some parts aren’t perfect. Expect an update or two once in a while. Working with the team was pretty fun! I would definitely do it again ;)

@Pavle - ‘Sup. So, you made it to the end. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed making it. Cheers!

@RedDagger - ‘allo, I tried to make this more...light hearted in places. If you see anything that you found funny, that was probably me - and if you see anything that made you regret opening this page, that was definitely me. Maybe being able to edit each other’s sections wasn’t such a great idea...anyway, I hope it was worth the read!

Edited by RedDagger
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Thanks to everyone so far. We'll try to update everything accordingly when it's necessary. GTA Garage/Mods will most likely be our first major update and will be coming very soon.

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The guide's well made, Good job, People!
Also, Why not place it next to the forum rules so the newcomers can find it easily?

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It would be a great addition to have a little button of some sort, but it's up to the staff and completely out of our hands :^: Even if it was just pinned, similar to how Miro's originally was, it would be nice as well

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Find tags

Thread tags were a feature for all of a few days near the launch of GTA V, so this option can be ignored. Thread tags were something that you could choose when making a thread, where you could easily see other threads with a certain tag - this search feature would be to search for threads with specific tags.

Actually the modding sections still use the tags feature.

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