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instead of spectating...(idea)

The Lone Wanderer

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The Lone Wanderer

how about just being placed in a solo freeroam?

the thing that made me board of guys with weapon vs vehicle was the spectating half the time, so:

as soon as you die in lts or a mission, you would respawn with your car in a solo freeroam. as soon as the next round etc started, you would be removed and play the next round.


this would be far better than watching a noob snipe air, then take a zentorno to the face, or a lvl 30 fly a Titan into a tree however spectating would still be an option.

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Meh. inb4 wishlist thread link.


But its a decent idea, but rockstar would be to lazy to do it

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Dude, just imagine while roaming...


"Can't connect to GTA Online session. Please back to GTA V and try again later"


Sadly, a lot of cool stuff that could be added easily is not a matter of "konzul limitations", it's about their servers and how bad they are. Map expansions and animals seems nearly impossible to me because of that. I agree, the spectator mode is annoying, specially in races where you spectate one second and then change to the next one and so on...


I remember when I saw this on FIFA. I was playing with a friend and saw the player without moving.


"What the hell isn't moving?"

"You have to move it"

"Wait, I can play while the game loads?"

"Um... yeah, why?"



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Not A Nice Person

Hi, it's dumbfcklive, in this new gta online money glitch...

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Instead of throwing me into Public after failing to load potato server, which may lead to another failure,


why don't we just sent to Invite Only/Solo which effectively have faster load?



Because Rockstar

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