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Controller Help for Anniversary Edition



Help guys! Im playing gta iii 10-year anniversary on android and im trying to get all the special cars but i cant figure out the look behind button (or strafe, it seems more like strafing to me) for the car crusher glitch so i can transport my teal kuruma :/ Is there a workaround? Ive tried it with touchscreen controls and a dualshock 3 using the "sixaxis controller app".

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5 answers to this question

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Lethal Vaccine



Taxi Glitch doesn't work on iOS/Android. I already obtained all 13 Special Vehicles in PS2 and iOS. I can assure you, you are gonna have a hell of a time finding Missions with passengers in them to DP your Vehicles during the Missions. I did this on iOS to all my Vehicles but 4. How? You need to carefully plan and have the Special Vehicle at the ready to be made into DP form. It ONLY works with Missions who have a passenger in your front seat.


Anyways, I explained all this in my iOS 100% Topic. And here is my PS2 Save. The PS2 Save is better since the Taxi Glitch worked and I could DP my Vehicles as I went. In Mobile, you are forced to wait for certain Missions with passengers and it's a real pain in the ass doing this.


Don't even bother downloading my iOS Save, though. It won't work for Android. Only SA and CTW for Mobile are compatible between iOS and Android. III and VC are NOT.


Oh, and to look backwards, you hold the center of the screen on your Phone. It's the same for III and VC Mobile as well...Buttons are more or less the same on all the Mobile Ports except Chinatown Wars.


And no, hookers won't work. You can NOT use the Crusher in III Mobile unless you have a passenger in your Vehicle that STAYS IN. A hooker will walk away once you pull up to the Crusher and try to perform the glitch. Hookers work in any other Version of III, though.


No need for making this topic. Cuz you just look here at the GTA III Special Vehicle Guide, you can see all the Videos on how to get all the Vehicles to SI or SSV early. It's really easy and at least THAT works on Mobile unlike the Taxi Glitch.


More added info...........Also I used Luigi's Girls to DP my EC Kuruma. Then after I made it DP/EC and had it in Portland, I then glitched it underground and took it to SSV early. Misty gets in the front seat during Luigi's Girls. While the Mission is on, you can use the Crusher and use Misty to make it work. Once you store the Kuruma in Portland, go drop Misty off at Luigi's and you pass the Mission and DP'ed your Vehicle.


On Mobile, I have the SAME Stats as I do in PS2. I was able to PASS all the Mission on Mobile for when I also used the Mission to DP my Vehicles, etc. There is only so many Missions who will have a passenger so you need to plan carefully. Again, the stuff is written in my 100% Topics and in the III Special Vehicle Guide.

Edited by Militia

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As Militia found out the rough way, the Taxi Mission glitch does NOT work on Mobile. You can try with missions where NPCs will get in your vehicle (for example, Drive Misty For Me), or maybe with hookers

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I haven't played the Android version in a long time but I am pretty sure this method works (it might not work if it's raining):




Edit: You can bring your car to the Shoreside Vale safe house garage as well via the Porter tunnel. Access to Shoreside is open until you unlock Staunton.

Edited by Kristian.

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Ok ive been going through my playthrough so far. I just DP'd the cheetah and brought it back from "ghost mode " and saved it in my garage but it is STILL bigger than a normal cheetah. Is this normal? Is there anyway to DP a car and the car still keep its original size?

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Lethal Vaccine

I noticed that when I put the Vehicle in the Garage, I'd have to drive a very far distance away for it to revert back out of the Ghost OR I had to save, then reload my Save for it to be back to normal. On PS2/3, once it's in the Garage and the door closed on it, when you reopen the Garage, it's back to normal. Doesn't work like that on Mobile, apparently...

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