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Not able to drop DLC weapons?

Guest Member5489316

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Guest Member5489316

I bought the musket, then I found that it sits right in the middle of my assault and heavy shotgun. I want rid of it. When I went to drop it however it says 'Cannot drop a weapon here', no matter where I go. What can I do?

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Nothing, it's ridiculous that we're not able to modify our weapon wheel in any way.

I bought all the weapons for the sake of having them and trying them out for the past 1,5 year playing this game.

At this point I'm only using a small amount of them and I would be very pleased to get rid of a lot of them so I never accidently pick the wrong one any more.

R* should also get rid of automatically picking up weapons dropped by enemies, let me just pick up the ammo for that class and I'd be happy.

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Guest Member5489316

I would like the ability to store bought guns in some kind of 'Gun locker' in your apartments heist room maybe. Doing this would then stop you from picking up the guns you have stored in this locker from the dead enemies. I only have two weapons per slot except from heavy and explosives. Now my shotgun slot has three and its really getting on my nerves. I may just get rid of my heavy shotgun to make it two again. I dont want to but it seems that is my only choice until something like I said happens. :/

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Yes, not being able to "put guns away" without dropping them is kinda sad.


Helps us waste our money though. Like the disappearing armor.

Edited by Parkergc8
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Tails Prower

The game does not allow you to drop DLC weapons, I believe it was patched due to people dropping collectors edition

gun and the other player being able to keep it.


However I did come across this recently on R* support site about organising the weapon wheel.


I don't know if it works as not tried it myself but maybe worth a shot?



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Guest Member5489316

Not really what I am looking for on organising the weapon wheel, but thanks tails.


Does anyone know how I can request rockstar to remove the Musket and firework launcher from my inventory? If at all possible.

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