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Requesting a telemetry/performance logging script for vehicles in the


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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, or if its even possible to create such script for gta 5, since im not a programer, but here is a few ideas that will be interesting for vehicle handling modders who wants to make their car handle and accelerate realistically, so here goes:

The script that I request should have:

-A quarter mile timer and trap speed indicator. Im guessing is that this could be done by placing one gate to start a timer and have a second gate 1/4 mile down the road that stops the timer and records the current speed as it passes the gate. Also the timer should start as soon as the car passes the first gate, not when the car starts moving. This allows that 5 ft rollout correction that some people use (Car and Driver magazine), and it will also allow different ways to launch the car since revving the engine with handbrake on results in 0.1 mph in-game.

-another option for the acceleration logger is measuring the acceleration of 0-62 mph, 0-62-0 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-150 mph, 0-200 mph etc. These settings are commonly found in performance logger such as the RaceLogic timer that most auto magazine use to retrieve performance data of cars they review.

-going with the gate recording system used for the 1/4 mile, maybe a start and finish gate can be permanently placed somewhere on the map as blips, and it will stay there until deleted by the user. These two gates will basically enable any place or stretch of road in the game and turn it into a time attack road, where the gates serve two basic function, start a timer and stop a timer, or have only one gate to start and stop timer to record lap times if placed on a closed course (like some sort of airport track).

- The rest may be wishful thinking as im not sure if its possible at all to create or already exists... But here goes:

- A g-meter to measure the current and max g forces experience by that car, maybe some sort of skidpad logger similar to the ones used by car and driver (probably not possible), a tire wear and grip percentage/load amount indicator to tell you the health and grip of the tire and how it is distributed among each tire, suspension position and geometry to indicate how the suspension loads for each corner, damage indicator (probably already exists), top speed recorder (also already exists), and an accurate speedometer and odometer (again, this also exists).

I am really hoping some seasoned script modder or any modder in general that think they can create this script to take notice of this request and make one, since this script will not only amuse most players and fellow car enthusiasts to find out about how a particular vehicle can perform, but also, as I previously said, help those modders who wants to make their vehicles handle as realistic as possible fine tune their data.

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