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Download slow, slowing internet too


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So I've just built a new PC and I'm trying to redownload GTA V. My download speed is around 300kb/s but what worries me more is that the downloader seems to be slowing my internet down completely; so much so that browsing regular web pages (such as Facebook) is difficult, they just load really slowly!

Anyone ever experienced this and have any ideas on a fix?


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The downloader has most of your bandwidth so every thing else internet reliant will be slower there is only 1 fix and that is to upgrade your speed if possible

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The internet is getting old and slowing down in its old age.

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It's called bandwidth. Your ISP gives you a set amount measured in units of bits. My guess is that you pay for shoddy internet service. I suggest you look around for better Internet service plans from various providers (if you are lucky enough to live in a place with no ISP monopolies). Try to set a budget and find the best service you can get with that money.


P.S. turning your router on and off could fix your problem.

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Should've mentioned before, I don't think it's a bandwidth issue due to my ISP, mainly because I've been redownloading all my games and haven't had this problem.


I'm running fibre broadband which usually gives me a decent 6-8Mb/s download speed when downloading games on steam etc, but with GTA V it's just sticking around at 300kb/s and affecting everything else, it's really strange.

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Okay so after some searching around, I managed to find a fix.

Using a VPN has got me my usual download speeds with no affect on the rest of my internet usage.

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