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GTA San Andreas xbox 360 graphics for pc


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I have been looking for a mod that changes the graphics of the pc version of gta san andreas so that they look like the hd 720p graphics in the remastered xbox 360 version. I basically just want to mod my game to make it look like the xbox360 remastered version. I am looking for a mod that has the following.


-HD 720p xbox 360 remastered graphics


-better lighting like on xbox 360


-the menus in the game are changed to the remastered version


-remastered radar and weapon icons


- you can see the characters individual fingers

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Try with the silent patch, not change the graphics but makes the game alots better.

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Well to make it look like the xbox360 remaster is easy download silent patch and set you resolution to 1280x720 or 720p thats the running resolution on the HD besides that set all the setting and antialiasing to high and you have to use ped specs besides those there isnt much of a change in fact the thing is that the xbox360 HD is the same as the android and windows store version they are the same

Xbox 360 version 2.05 GB download

Android version 1.7 GB download

Windows Store 1.8 Gb download

Making a comparisson the only difference i found is that the xbox 360 version has higher quality sounds but thats all so if you want to make it look like the xbox360 HD just follow my steps.


Now if you want something like this




Well thats difficult

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  • 1 year later...
KAOS Gaming

the video is deleted


but i want to add somethings


the xbox360/mobile has darker and better colors

-they have shadows

-they have higher quality textures(cj has a better hd face)

-cars have reflections

so thats pretty much all what i know and you can get most of these features with mods except the car reflections.

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First off, don't call it "Remastered", nothing was remastered, second, there's a thread containing mods which bundle together the changes that the Mobile version had, that can be found here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/661961-sa-mobile-to-pc-research-project/


Thirdly, the graphics style can mainly be done BETTER by SkyGFX with the correct options, that plug-in can be found here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/750681-skygfx-ps2-and-xbox-graphics-for-pc/


edit: Damn it KAOS Gaming, I didn't know I was replying to a dead thread.

Edited by Ash_735
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KAOS Gaming

Lol :lol: didnt realise that. sorry my mistake.


how did u come to this topic tho

Edited by KAOS Gaming
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