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[PC/PS4/PS3] Original Grove Street Families


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PlayStation 3, 4 & PC

About us


We're the OG Grove Street Families (or Grove Street Families for short) and we’re looking to recruit people that either is bored to play GTAV the usual way (Unorganized chaos) and wants to roleplay or those who just want to shoot rival crews such as the Ballas or the Vagos in TDMs. We actively play on PS3, PS4 and PC and we are playing in Free Aim only (no Free Aim Assisted). We've taken on the theme of a reincarnated Grove Street Families crew, but unlike other crews that have tried the same, we might not be the largest, but we're the strongest and the most active Grove Street crew on GTA Online.

We're a small role-playing Crew looking only to recruit active and loyal members (80 members are our max limit). Work your way through our hierarchy, put in work by either recruiting other loyal and strong players on GTA Online and challenge other crews to further boost our crew's reputation, respect and intimidation against other crews.

For PS4 players, you have to join our prospect crew, which is the OG Seville BLVD Families (just for one day to check if you are good at free aim (if not, you can be trained), if you are down to be loyal for the crew and if you are not an undercover rival).


We have a "First 10" system for PC players. This means the first 10 players who join doesn't have to join Seville Blvd first, but they can immediately join Grove Street Families. Four spaces are taken already, so there are 6 empty spaces left.


















This crew might be for you if:

you’re tired of getting killed by crew members.

you’re tired of being in dead megacrews

you want to have support in public lobbies and not have to fend for yourself

you’re tired of immature little kids

You are looking for a "gang" lifestyle in Los Santos.

You enjoy having great convo and a unique GTA experience.





Always wear SOMETHING that is green. It could be anything, from just wearing a green bandana to be all decked out in green

NEVER wear anything that is purple. It doesn't fit with green plus it is the color of our rivals; The Ballas.

Since you are applying to join a "gang" type of crew, you must look the part too.

When killing rival crews, NEVER use explosives, snipers, auto shotguns or miniguns, it gives both you and this crew a bad image.

Kik is optional, but it's VERY recommended since it keeps you and this crew in touch with each other.

Must have crew tag on at ALL TIMES.






Yes, there are two leaders in this crew, but they're both on separate platforms, each leading their separate divisions



Social Club: OG-Walters

That's me. I'm the leader of the PC division and I'm also the Crew Leader according to Social Club, which means I am the absolute leader of the whole crew of it's own. I'm the one you wanna contact if you're on PC and you wanna join the crew.



PSN: Kenzh_-OGSF

The second leader. He's the leader of the PlayStation division and he's the one you wanna contact if you wanna join this crew and you're on either PS3 or PS4.











The Families

Allied Since: Forever

Platforms: All


Cheng Triads

Allied Since: May 10th, 2015

Platforms: PS3, PS4 and PC






Edited by OG-Walters
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