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Wanna roll in the MC life? Reaper Lords are here for you.


Recommended Posts


● Tired of idiots and crews with no standard or structure?

● Think only pussies use explosives, miniguns, go off radar, passive mode or automatic shotguns?

● Are you someone who enjoys riding daemons, hexers, baggers or innovations?

● Are you tired of having no one to play with?

● Are you looking for something more from your GTA Online experience, something to belong to?

● Are you interested in an experience unlike any other in GTA Online?

If you answered yes to those questions then the Reaper Lords MC Sandy Shores charter (PS3) *might* be the club for you. I say "might" because not everyone makes it. In fact, many don't.

Prospective members must go through a week-long period at the status of Hangaround where they will learn the basics of how our club works and see for themselves if this is something they're really interested in. After a week they will be asked if they feel Prospecting is something they want to commit to. If yes, they will enter the Prospecting period for a minimum of two weeks. After the two weeks, Patches will then vote on whether or not they want to make the Prospect a patched member of the club. Whether or not you get Patched In after two weeks, two months or dismissed entirely is up to the Patches voting. As a Prospect it is expected you're familiar with the club rules, structure and other pertinent information.

Unlike other clubs we're hard on our Hangs and Prospects because we hold ourselves and our members to a higher standard, unlike other clubs. The hazing and difficulty is simply to weed out the weak and sort-of-committed types. Because many members communicate and socialize outside of GTA this is a lot like getting into a group of friends. We're not going to just let anyone in or invite people we don't get along with.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest addition to the Reaper Lords Empire. Below are links to our weebly, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for you to learn more. If interested, fill out an application on our weebly page or hit up a member from the social club page linked below.

Reaper Lords Til The Reaper Calls

Social Club: (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reaper_lords_mc_s-s)

Weebly: (http://www.reaperlords-mc.com)

Facebook: (https://facebook.com/pages/Reaper-Lords-MC/1567942940085963?ref=hl)

Twitter: (https://twitter.com/ReaperLordsMC)

YouTube: (https://youtube.com/channel/UCghXKKA94AYwD4QWZMt2cMA)


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