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Arsen Vitiuk

Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Lounge

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I can play on XBOX, I don't know, maybe like 3 people will be able to play? 

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A modded Xbox is pretty cheap I think. You only need a LAN cable plus router (and FileZilla) to transfer files.

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Yeah, I know that. Been trying to install 128MB RAM on mine.

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Chain Game Announcement!

Additional Platform and Regional Support for Chain Game Round 100 Starter Saves
I hope that all members of the community are well and enjoying the Chain Game Rounds that have been available to participate in these last few months. We mentioned during the last Chain Game Announcement and Round 100 of the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game that we are continuing to support the development of the Round 100 Starter Save, bringing the features put together by our community to more platforms and regions.

There are currently Starter Saves available on PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Android, and I'm excited to announce the release of two more Starter Saves today:

  • PlayStation 2 - Australian Region
  • iOS

The Round 100 Starter Save User Guide has been updated to reflect the addition of the new Starter Saves available for the PlayStation 2 Australian Region and iOS, with new sections added to detail installation instructions for the new Starter Saves for users who wish to download and play them. The process for installing the iOS Save File is dependant on the version of operating system you are running on your device. A device running iOS 7 and older will be able to use a file browsing application to move the downloaded Starter Save into the "Documents" folder under the "GTA3" Directory, but devices that are running iOS 8 and newer will require a jailbroken device in order to access this directory.

With the addition of the iOS Platform, the Round 100 Starter Save is now available on almost all platforms that Grand Theft Auto III has been released on. We will be continuing to bring the Starter Save to further regions that we haven't covered with the current set of Starter Saves and users who find that there isn't a save that will work on their version of the game are welcome to contact the Chain Game Staff, and we can work together to provide a version that you'll be able to use.

Special Thanks to @thehambone for creating and testing the iOS Starter Save as well as providing installation instructions for the Round 100 Starter Save User Guide! :)

All Round 100 Starter Saves and the Round 100 Starter Save User Guide are available in the Round 100 Starter Saves Folder on Google Drive. Once again we hope that anyone who wishes to try them out enjoys them!

Thanks once again to all members of the community for your continued support of the Chain Game, and I hope you all have a great week!

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