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Arsen Vitiuk

Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Lounge

Recommended Posts


Chain Game Announcement!

A New Year
I'd like to welcome all members of the Chain Game Community to a new year and hope that you all had a great time over the holiday period. I'm pleased to look back and say that 2018 was a very successful year for the Chain Game and I thank everyone who made that possible.

In April 2018, we launched the Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game with a range of community members assisting in the preparation for this initial round. The round was very well received with 17 members of the community taking part and helping us achieve 100% for the first time, leading to a second round later in the year. I'm thankful of all members of the community who supported the creation of the new Chain Game, and was particularly touched to see such an outcome for the first round. There'll be more rounds of the game to look forward to throughout 2019 so keep an eye out so you're able to take part!

Following Round 1 of the new Chain Game, thehambone and I organised a Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Event where several members of the community joined us for over an hour to play some classic Multiplayer Modes. It was a lot of fun to see so many players take part at such short notice and I had a really enjoyable time playing alongside members of our community, something I would absolutely love to see again throughout this new year!

We've also welcomed a large number of community members into the Chain Game Discord Server, as well as new members of the Steam Group and new followers of our Twitter Page. It has been nice to have a higher level of community interaction outside of the rounds hosted on the forum, from getting to know new members of the community better to being able to tease new rounds such as our tweets on IV Round 2 and III Round 100!

Of course, we can't forget Round 100 of the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game! Special Rounds are always enjoyable to be a part of, and seeing so many members of the community both past and present have some part in the round was very touching to see. When I first contacted some of the older community members, I wasn't sure if I was going to get a response. Not only did I receive a response, but a much larger one than I was expecting. 24 Chain Game Staff Members placed Personal Vehicles in the Save File, an additional group of regular players participated in the Players Parking Feature, and we had some great images and messages sent to us for The Liberty Tree's Special Edition Publication. Thanks to everyone for being a part of such a special round!

We brought the year to a close with the Divisions Event, following 2017's Faction Event held within the festive period. Los Salvadores Portlandicos, Back Staunton Boyz and Shoreside Vigilante Fans established themselves choosing their leader and name, and then competed against each other in the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game's first Generated Packages Round! They were each required to place 33 Hidden Packages on their islands and then search for the 66 Hidden Packages placed by other Divisions, with the Division who placed the last remaining package to be found being declared the winners. Shoreside Vigilante Fans were the winners of the event, and I'd like to congratulate them on their victory!

Unfortunately, following the Divisions Event the Chain Game Staff had a conversation which resulted in both TubewayArmy and 123robot leaving their positions in the team. I'd like to thank them both for their services to the Chain Game and the contributions that they had made towards the game during their time as Staff Members, they have certainly made an impact on both the game and the community and I wish them all the best for the future.

I'm aware that some members of the community, having read further information that was posted regarding this conversation, are concerned by what that they have read and are concerned about future Chain Game Rounds. I'd like to assure all members of the Chain Game Community that there will be no direct consequence to the Chain Game or the running of rounds due to these recent events and I will assure that we get back on track and keep the rounds running as normal so that you'll be able to get back to enjoying participation within the Chain Game for any of the Grand Theft Auto games. There is already a round of the San Andreas Chain Game available to play, and we're going to be heading over to Vice City once again in the near future, so look out for that!

However, I would like to take a moment to personally apologise for anything that anyone may have read about the event that they have found offensive and absolutely assure that there will be no similar circumstances in the future. I do not wish to make a public statement on the events, though I would like to state that I do not believe that the information available gives full coverage of the circumstances surrounding the conversation and that I do not believe I am a person intent of any malicious behaviour, a liar or am untrustworthy. I feel that these are very strong accusations and I'm very sorry that a few people feel this way, I ask that you give me the chance to prove that I am not that person. I completely acknowledge any wrongdoing on my behalf and would really like to encourage anyone who has been concerned by what they have read to send me a personal message. I promise to respond to every message that I receive hoping to provide clarity to their concerns, I have great care for the Chain Game Community and do not wish for any members to feel uncomfortable being a part of it. I would just like to make clear that if you wish to send me a message, I will not be tolerating any abusive messages, neither do I believe this is an appropriate way for any member of the Chain Game Community to behave.

I hope for 2019 to continue the success that 2018 saw and bring together the Chain Game Community to a place of unity once again. You may often hear me mention that the Chain Game Community is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make, and the reason I say this is because of how true it really is. I have great care and respect for every single member of the community, even if you may not always believe that to be the case. You have all brought a lot of happiness to my life and it has been such a privilege to be leading this community now for over 5 Years. Together we can make 2019 a great year for the Chain Game and I hope as many of you will join me for another year of fun as possible.

I plan to get a lot done for the Chain Game this year and as part of that, I ask for anyone who has any suggestions for the game to contact me and let me know what is on your mind. It is clear from some of the changes that we have made in the last few years that we listen to all members of the community and try to provide the best experience for everyone as is possible. In particular, I have recently been made aware of some lack of clarity in the current Opening Posts in regards to Wait Rules. It indeed seems that the wording of the 4 Hour Wait Rule in particular could be worded better to prevent misunderstanding, particularly to those completely new to the Chain Game, so I plan to get around to updating this within the next week as well as include a few sections currently missing from the Opening Posts that were due to be included a while back.

If you have any further suggestions for the Opening Posts, Rules or any aspect of the Chain Game, you're more than welcome to contact me at any time. Thank you all for your continued support of the Chain Game, and here's to a great 2019! :)

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