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Are you looking for a good heist crew? [PS4]


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~ Elite Heist Posse ~ Recruitment thread ~

Are you tired of noobs messing up or people quitting heists too easily? Well it sounds like you should come join us at "Elite Heist Posse"

We're aiming to be a group of skilled and competent players looking for like-minded people to share the thrill and glory of hitting the motherload, without the liabilities (aka noobs and fools). We're a closed recruitment crew but we're accepting applications of those who deem themselves capable and reach the requirements listed below. In order to maintain crew-membership, upon entry we ask that you stay competent and do your best at any heist setup/finale you join, and of course fulfill the role you're given.


*Must be ranked 70 or above. This can be negotiable if your K/D ratio and Skills (Shooting/Flying etc) are respectable enough.
*Must be willing to stick with and fulfill the heist/setup role you're assigned at the time.
*Must be able to handle Hard difficulty.
*Must have maximum armor and snacks available for each heist in case of emergency.

*And obviously must be a team player.

Guidelines and Common Courtesy:

*If people are kind enough to help you with the heist setups, please be decent enough to invite them to the final heist.
*Same as the above; if people are kind enough to help you with the setups please return the favor and offer a minimum 20% cut of the final score.
*You'll also need to remember people have lives outside of GTA V, so once accepted if you're looking for particular heist partners - please be patient.

Contact Details:

Apply via the Social Club page or add me for an invite.

PSN: DrugInducedComa

Social Club: Elite Heist Posse


I've noticed a lot of people don't realize we can be in more than one crew at a time. So if you're currently in a crew and don't want to leave, don't let that stop you from joining us.

Happy hunting guys and gals. Lets go steal shiz!!


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